Cast on season 4

Below is a link to the video. It would not embed.

Interesting video. I get the impression Spencer (Casey) thinks there will be no happy ending. Scott (Cappie) thinks there should be and Amber (Ashleigh) thinks there will be. My Opinion? There better be.

I did learn we only get ten episodes this season and that I find sad. There is no way to give us fans justice with 10 episodes. The two of which so far were a waste of time.

Interview with Spencer Grammer

2008 Interview with Scott Michael

Maybe if the Family Channel spent more time promoting this show and less time worrying because it was on the family channel the show would be doing better in the ratings.

FINALLY found someone else that loves this show as much as me. She is a professional writer but still. Here is a link to an interview with Scott Michael It’d old but there are other blogs about the show. (only a few) Amazing how many people feel the same way as I do. There doesn’t seem to be any faction for Casey with anyone else but Cappie. That makes me happy.

Found a College paper that writes reviews on episodes of Greek, yay!!

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