Greek – TV 101

Welcome to my first blog about the TV show Greek. I started watching occasionally in the second season and was hooked by the third season. I have been catching up on hulu and by watching Reely’s videos on you tube (what an amazing talent she has for catching Cappie and Casey moments exactly as they were meant to be.



My favorite character is Cappie ( Isn’t he everyones favorite character?) but I also love Ashleigh, Calvin and Rebecca (who I used to not be able to stand. She is probably about the only character on Greek I have ever changed my mind about.)

My least favorite character is really no one but right now I am going to have say Casey Cartwright. She drives me insane. Oh so much more on that later:)

My favorite minor characters are Beaver (so hot) and Katherine. I liked her much more then Dana.

Make sure you come back. There has to be someone out there as obsessed with this show as I am at the moment. I’ll be writing this for my own sanity regardless of who reads it.

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