Scene’s that should have happened.

Greek has this issue with telling us about a scene that happened in the show that we never get to see. The above video show cases one of those scenes. I am holding out for the scene being filmed and just not making the episode (maybe it will be on a DVD)

Don’t want to watch the video I will tell you about it.

Casey starts dating a new guy she met at the ZBZ fundraiser for alumni. His name is Nate. He works for one of the older alumni named Doris. When she goes on a date with him he tries to get a % for the donation the lady is going to make to the house.

Well in a scene not in the video ( but shown in the actual episode) Nate tells Casey that two of her friends came to his hotel and told him to stay away from Casey. One of those friends was Cappie and a guy that drives an iron man audi (That would be Evan.)

The scene never filmed or and never shown was when Evan and Cappie went to Nate’s hotel.

I don’t know about you but I would love to see Cappie defend Casey to Nate. Something Greek rarely does is make Cappie a hero involving Casey. The first episode when he punched out Evan it had more to do with Evan insulting his parents then the situation with Casey.

I am sure Greek would have made Evan the muscle and Cappie the one liner but I would hope that in this case we might see a side of Cappie I don’t think has ever been shown. Wouldn’t it be great if we could see a serious Cappie tell Nate off? Well that is how I would have created the missing scene.

There are just some things you can’t not be serious about.

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