Coming Soon: Anatomy of a scene

When I decided to take a closer look at my favorite scenes on Greek I knew I would call it anatomy of a scene. When doing re-search I realized that Anatomy of a Scene was actually a television series back in the early 2000’s that dissected scenes from movies. Looking at every aspect from cinematography to acting to directing.

My original intent in doing this was to figure out what the scene actually meant vs what the actors were saying. Greek has this thing where the actors are saying no while they really mean yes and I thought it would be fun to do this with some Casey and Cappie scenes.

So in the next couple of days (some time after my recap of episode 3 comes out) the first scene I will be dissecting is actually two scenes from the Tailgate Expectations episode. (Starting at 3.16) It’s to bad the director can’t come and dissect my dissecting because I would love to know if this is what he meant when he came up with this scene.

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