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After thoughts Blogging during an episode is hard. Doing it for no one is weird but this keeps my idle hands busy. Other wise I might be going outside to get that snow.:)

Really I have little use for this show lately when it is Casey being mean to Cappie.

I love Ashleigh and I wish she and Cappie had more scenes together. The one of the roof from season 2 or 3 was endearing. Best friends and boyfriends should get along. I love when she said he sucked. I cheered that the first time and I cheered it again this time:)

I have decided that Casey’s new nickname is Judge Casey so when you see that it means Casey is being judgmental.

Okay so drugs are bad. Cappie should really stop doing drugs even if his motives had some legitimacy to them. Okay so that might not be a reason to do drugs but I am not going to Judge Casey him.

So basically this episode has potential to be something I watch more then once but honestly this is the third episode in a row (only 7 left) that could have had more to it. I like Rusty but does he need to be on every episode and in every scene?

I know why I am watching this show so closely this year and I am sure most people are watching for the same reason. We want a happy ending for all of our pledges, legacy and actives especially Cappie and Casey.

Til next time.


Preview for next week. Cappie and Evan will fight. Cappie pushes Evan and we all know he said something mean that no one else will hear and most likely mean Casey will yell at Cappie and say he will never grow up. Casey asks Beaver if they will ever get along and he says no. They both fell for the same girl.

Moral of the story? I need to stop watching television and getting attached to soap opera couple.


9.58: Casey does her own work. Teach says before we begin. Yay Katherine!!!!! The end.


9.58: Even boring shows go fast these days. Rusty and Dale discuss who cares.


9.54: Casey says suck it Cypress on her way out of town and they discuss why Ashleigh just left NY. Ashleigh just left and her boss keeps calling her. More Drama. Casey says we are not kids. No running away. NOT thelma and Loise. ( Good thing they die in the end.) Rebecca shows up and asks for cheeseritos.


9.53: Spidey was left at Omega and is taped to wall ala Rusty. Spidey is Rusty only with a new name. Deja Vu


9.48: Casey rushes in and bitches to Ashleigh about Cappie and she is her judgmental self. She says Cappie never tries and it was stupid for her to stay here for him. Ash says but you stayed for yourself and she admits she stayed partially for Cappie. Once again the Queen Bee knows nothing but rushes to a conclusion. They decide to take a trip or leave CRU for good but I don’t remember. I only remember the judgmental Casey who stays at ZBZ but yells at Cappie to grow up and move on. I feel like crying or throwing snow balls at Casey. We have plenty outside I could if I wanted to:)


9.46: well it happened Casey walks in and notices Cappie is stoned. She questions and runs off like thejudgy bitch she is. Cappie chases for a foot then stops. He says it was for class she runs off with her judging hypocritical bitch look. Cappie looks sad. Greek Tv is sad and annoyed and has reason to watch tomorrows show.

Party for rusty blah


9.45: CAPPIE and Calvin talk analyzing life. They discuss majors. No one knows Calvin doesn’t have a major. Calvinsays he doesn’t want people to think he is like, pause Cappie. Awww shit on Cappie day:(


9.43: Party time. Nah not so much. Murder party. Dale and Rusty fight and Dale wants to leave but Rusty offers him a girl instead.


9.40: Barba-q at KTT. Some drugs happened. OH no I sense a bad moment here. Calvin and Cappie talk about nothing. “Why am I here. Calvins says reasons are not as important as people who ask questions. Rachel No moment thank God


In between thoughts. Ever notice Casey never looks sad about Cappie but Cappie always looks sad about Casey even when he isn’t showing it. The girl has no heart and my CappieCasey moment is becoming less and less of a chance as we wade through commercials:( There should be a law that every episode MUST have a Cappie and Casey moment

9.33 ish- Talk of murder party by Dana and Rusty. Then Casey talks to her teach. Rumors about how she got into CRU. Casey tells him she is innocent and he says class is all that matters. She wants to be assigned to a group. ZzZzZz He tells her he is not her nanny. Aww shit on Casey day is kind of mean. Omega kai stuff, Dale is kidnapped by Rusty


Cappie and Calvin meet Ashleigh and Cappie tells Ashleigh he hasn’t talked to her since she told him he sucked then she tells him to go away. He does:( Calvin and Ashleigh talk about how Cappie will probably get him stoned. Calvin says why not. Oh this can’t end well.


9.31: Evan chases Casey. Loser. Every man for himself. Law school is like Junior high.


It’s 9.30: HALFTIME (Oh no football talk:(


9.26: Casey asks to join Evan’s study group and they say no. Evan doesn’t support Casey and she pleads her case to no avail. She also tells them she is the girl in the case they were discussing and they say she got into CRU by a technicality. WOW, Evan doesn’t support Casey at all. It’s about time. She uses too many people. I did feel bad for her. Just a little.


9.25: Dale and Rusty discuss WHO CARES! Rusty looks like he is finally getting older. If he did something with that hair he might be cute.
It’s like you joined a cult” They told me he would say that” ha

9.24: ish-Cappie!!!!!! and Calvin discuss the class they are in. Say no to drugs Cappie!!!!


9.23:Doblers with Casey, Ashleigh and ZBZ’s They discuss Casey’
s case and her being a big slut. Deny, deny, deny says Rebecca. Summer in September says Ash. No ruffies in their drinks and no Cappie


9.21: Rusty and new legacy talk and walk. Meet Calvin. Everything is great. Even Dale. Rusty questions why Dale is being rushed. Calvin says Dale’s rushing is legit.


Commercial time. I have a bad feeling about Cappie and Casey moments tonight. All the below took place before 9.18. Sorry this blogging live in new to me so I am not sure how this will work
Dale, Dana and Rusty talk about rushing Kappa Tau vs Evan’s fraternity
Evan and Casey in class ZzZzZzZzZzZZZzzzzzz. Someone brings up Casey contesting Joel to get into CRU. Everyone thinks she had sex and complained it was sexual harassment but this is all being discussed by people who don’t know it was Casey is the person. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t this not happen last year/ Casey was just threatening to tell?
Cappie is looking especially hot today before noon I must say. No meeting the queen on the way to class but he meets Calvin in class and makes a comment about this being what happens before noon when the teacher says no tests.
(9.09) OMG Cappie on his way to class at 9.30 am? awww for Casey. I smell a moment on way to school. It better happen. Cappie needs to stop using the red lip
I love Ashleigh but that means Casey babble. Free food. Ashleigh makes heartless Casey lunch, aww sorry told you no CappieCasey me bored.

Becca tells Casey to buy more cheesiritos. Aww bonding moment. Someone is at the window. Better be Cappie. Nope it’s Ashleigh YAY!!!!!
I love Ashleigh. Sorry no times on this blog but we are now 5 minutes in. (9.05)

Dale is kidnapped by evil Omaga Kai BOOOO

IT’S TIME!!! Aww a Cappie look:( Lost, questions never answered? I know the feeling.


It was 8.52 PM when I finally saw an advertisement for Greek. Would have been nice if they had publicized the show during Pretty Little liars.
Then again I wasn’t paying that great attention. If I had not seen this show last year all these little dark haired girls would be confusing me. LOVE Ashley Benson. She played Jack and Jennifer’s daughter on Days of out lives a few years ago and she was awesome. wanting to defend the evil against her parents getting together.

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