Season 4. Episode 3. Cross examined life.

My Opinion,

I enjoyed this episode quite a bit until I went and re-watched it on you tube a million times and was less enamored with it as it was over analyzed in my head. Over and over again.

First Dale and the way he acted was ridiculous. He has no reason to be such an elitist twit. Dana’s friend Molly is beautiful. Sticking a pair of glasses on her didn’t make her ugly and when Dale said he could do better I was very off put. Not sure where Dale got this attitude from.

Anyone else think they are trying to turn Rebecca into a Casey clone from season 1?

Thrilled that Ashleigh was back and loved the scene between she and Cappie. You still suck, too funny. There was some kind of that 70’s show reference but I didn’t get it and I watched that 70’s show all the time.

Rusty leaving himself (Spidey) at the Omega chi was funny and not even realizing it was just plain not like Rusty. That kid (Spidey)is also not ugly. Take off the glasses mess up the hair and he could be an Omega Chi.

The mystery party was a cute idea but fell flat. Not that I want to see more Rusty unless it is with Cappie and or Casey it was hard to get an idea about the concept when it was never really materialized.
I understand it was meant as a back storyline but it still made little sense.

Seeing Cappie up at “9.30 AM, IN THE MORNING” was hilarious. The hair looks good longer.

Now on to the fun stuff, not so much. Casey.

What annoys me most about her is she is so damn judgmental. Drugs are bad rah rah but she jumped to so many conclusions about Cappie’s entire year based on one scene. If she had actually cared at all about what he had been up to all year she would have asked but she didn’t. He was getting high so of course that means he has been doing nothing all year to change for her. She doesn’t even seem to care what he is up to and that does not bold well for a happy ending. Maybe I am just jaded (thanks Lost) but as much as I hope for a happy ending I don’t see us Cappie and Casey fans getting one.

The scene where Casey figures out that Cappie is high was entertaining. Cappie looks of any kind always make me laugh and this was another example of one. The look to Calvin after he let it be known they were high was cute. The look after Casey ran off was not. He knows that anything he does will never live up to what she expects and that is a horrible way to have to live your life. That look says a lot to me. It probably says more then it was directed as. Granted Cappie has not done a lot to make Casey think he is changing but she never actually put in an effort to find out if he was doing anything. Right now she has no clue he is taking classes before noon because she never made an effort to find out.

Switch the genders on these characters and Casey would be called an emotional abuser. The way she treats Cappie is appalling. You wouldn’t even know she is in love with him with the way she acts. She treats him as a back up plan. When she ran home to Ashleigh and started complaining that Cappie not changing for herself was driving her crazy all I could think was, Is she nuts? I have watched all 3 episodes and that was the first time she gave a crap.

I know I am a broken record but this is out last season of this show and we deserve better then judge Casey treating Cappie like crap all episode. I enjoy angst as much as the next guy (Cappie looks have made me a fanatic of this show) but enough is enough. I can’t wait for the episode where she realizes she has been a judgmental biatch and has been completely wrong about Cappie. Like that will ever happen.

No matter how many times Casey says she wants Cappie to change for herself that isn’t even close to what she wants. She wants him to change for her and that never works out in the end.

I actually do see Casey’s side on wanting Cappie to grow up. She wants to be with him and she knows they have no future if that doesn’t happen.

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