Spencer Grammer is brilliant

My hatred of Casey has nothing to do with Spencer. Spencer is an amazing actress. I realize I have a lot of angst when it comes to Casey and Cappie but I can separate people:)

Re-searching the show I came across Dilshad Vadsaria official site and was thrilled to run across part of The Greek Uncovered thing the BBC did on Greek during the first season. You can find the first part at this link.

Spencer makes a great comment in this about your protagonist is only as good as your antagonist and I think that is exactly where my Casey hatred started. I have always loved Cappie and Casey even when Casey drives me nuts but it was when I started liking Cappie with Rebecca and liking the character Rebecca that I really started hating the character Casey. This is a huge break through for me and I owe it all to Spencer Grammer:)

The BBC is the best. I wish they had done this for the second season. Heck why not every season:) I wish I could see it all.

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