LIVE Blogging. Tonights episode,

10.06- STUPID DVR didn’t tape. Forget a week I have to wait 20 hours? My life Night all


9.59 preview for next week_ Did you see the look on Cappie’s face when Casey kissed him? OMG! I have to wait a whole week to see this? I will never survive. After tonight’s episode and Casey suck attitude I am so twisted in my feelings.


9.54- Casey back at KTT WITH Beav. Favorite lady i have never had sex with, awww Beav. The Beav went to College for 5 years for grade k? CAPPIE has a black eye and Casey barely acts like she cares. I swear to God if the one part of the new couple is Beav and Casey I’ll be sick. Nope it’s Katherine. Yay

Okay so now I am POED. Casey says she isn’t dating Evan or Cappie right now. Why is she such a heartless bitch? She showed little to no concern for Cappie’s poor eye and he is working his ass off for her and she doesn’t care at all? WOW this episode did not live up to the hype AT ALL.


9.53- ZBZ, Evan apologizes to Rebecca. Starting with yelling at Beaver, college stuff, same fight with Cappie. Rebecca feels neglected. ‘ We are past the games” Rebecca agree’s. Rebecca still looks mad. awww Poor becks:(

Ashleigh and Rusty talk about the break up. Sorry immature Rusty? That was hardly a case to dump Dana and I didn’t like Dana. Hug.


9.46- Cappie and Evan talk, argue, argue, new shick, Throw the parade. Cappie punches Evan when Evan says the only person living off his parents now is Cappie. HEATHer loves College. One punch thrown by each but this was a stupid fight. In fact Evan is actually right, Did I just say that?

Katherine and Casey discuss how hard law school is after leaving strip joint. Turns out Heath has been selling Casey’s paper to everyone. Poor Beav is screwed and so are the children.


9.39 – Back to school thing. Rebecca and her date, awwww. Cappie whistles. He cleans up well, no undies under the dress. They discuss Evan. “Don’t do needy” Thanks for helping, awwww. Cappie misses Casey. Evan shows up and tells Cappie to leave. Cappie look. Rebecca also calls Cappie out cuz she saw him studying. Mentions it is for Casey.

Beav is a Casey whines and I wait. OMG Heath is a stripper. I think I knew this. Looks like Heath might also be the guy that sells papers and case studies. We will see. Yes he is that guy and Heath strips. Katherine yells .lol

Rusty and Ashleigh eat ice cream. I sense Dana coming. She’s here. They fight. A break up is coming and I still wait.


9.36- It’s getting late. We better get a Cappie and Casey scene or this episode goes in the recycling bin:( Just realized Cappie was studying earlier. Awwwwwww


9.33- Casey and Beav…… Joni likes Beav, awwww. Beav saved her life once. Discuss football. Beav was afraid he couldn’t cut it that is why he quit football. Casey feels like she was in Rusty’s shadow, Katherine shows up. Will come to nightclub, Katherine babbles but she is in.


Rebecca talks to HEATHer. Says she is bringing Cappie. She is totally angling for Evan to find out she is bringing Cappie. Pledge gets it and will help. more Rusty. OMG is he in every scene????


9.29- Lock room with the football team (half naked football team) Looking for Dave (tutor) Rio is a bar not a city Beav. Rusty and Dana, self healinnnnnnnnnn ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzzzzzz. Rusty and Dana fight ZzZzZzZZZ


9.28 and no Cappie and Casey:( Looks like one scene an episode will be the norm this year:(


9.20 something,

Cut the crap Cap (Cappie does shake wake spoiler question) and agree’s to be Rebecca’s date to the back to school thing to piss off Evan. She originally wanted Beav. More Rusty and Dana. Casey and Beav ZzZzZzZzZZZzzzzz Why this light hearted stuff with Beav and Casey and not Cappie and Casey?

9.19- Case summaries for sale? A customer service call for cheating? Oh College. City with girls with fake boobs.

Rebecca gives a pep talk, kind of to the ZBZ. Evan shows up and blows her off. Or will blow her off. Rebecca look says yes she gets it but oh she doesn’t. She will be getting a date. Evan suggests Calvin. Rebecca says I’ll get my own date. (CAPPIE!!!!!) Ashleigh and Rusty discuss Dana being listed as co inventor


9.17- New strategy. I am missing the entire show by trying to blog during so I will make comments after the scene or when Rusty becomes the show and I have time to look down:) You know what is happening. My comments will be what I am thinking during key moments

9.11- Cappie studying. awwww. Beav makes the spoiler quote about masterbate. YAY Cappie being Cappie. Cappie tells Beav he doesn’t need him to give a message to Casey. Apparently it went badly. But what about the children?Evan shows up, tells Cappie he has moved on from games and lets pretend we don’t know each other. More Rusty…. Beavs visits Casey to ask for help. They agree to barter.


9.08- Beavers knew name is Walter. Joni is back. Glee talk, Casey and Katherine walk by “pretty lady” beav follows. Study group talk. Katherine doesn’t believe in them. ‘Pretty ladies again” awww Beaver is smitten. Katherine leaves. Beav asks Casey where she has been hiding Katherine. OMG MORE RUSTY!!!!!! Beaver discuss to kill a mockingbird. Umm hello that is a junior high book? Ashleigh shows up to talk to more Rusty


CAPPIE!!!! Words for Beav. Rusty and Dana (More Rusty oh joy) Rebecca tells Beav to get moving and another scene we have already seen. Yay Katherine. Evan and bing talk
Beav gets an F for cheating. Bad Beaver. Same paper. Beav says they copied off of him but he gets a second chance. Beaver sings greek during the credits.

9.00 pm- Beav scene from abc family. Come on we want new stuff

3 minutes to go:)
See you at 9 PM Eastern time:)


Below are some spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED:) Thanks to Buddy TV we have a great set of spoilers below. Sad to hear the fight with Evan isn’t about Casey but these spoilers are better then the other ones I listed. I am block quoting them for you.

My opinions are first,

:I love that this episode is about Beaver and I think putting him with Katherine is perfect. I hope this means we will get a Cappie and Casey episode this year. In fact maybe 4 of them would be nice.

:Destined to be together, awwwww. I hope that means a happy ending.

: A fight having to do with something we don’t expect? hmm that means Evan doesn’t say something crappy about Cappie and Casey. I wonder if it is about Rebecca. Can’t wait 2.5 hours to find out.

“crucial information about their relationship” Maybe something about Cinco damio?

The Theme Song

Even though Greek’s opening credits are just five quick seconds of a guitar, this episode has a little something extra in the theme song, and the result will leave a smile on your face long after you hear it.

Mocking Glee

Greek has always featured spot-on modern TV references, and this episode includes a pointed and funny dig at Glee’s always predictable plot points. There’s also a cool references to the Real Housewives franchise, proving that these college kids actually watch and talk about TV shows college kids watch.

Casey and Cappie

The college sweethearts are destined to be together, and this episode supplies some crucial information about their relationship, and it comes from the unlikeliest of sources.

Rusty and Dana

The lovable nerd couple encounters a huge milestone in their relationship, and it’s all due to that self-healing wire they’ve been working on. What happens after their big moment will probably make fans either uncomfortable or happy, depending on how you feel about a very strange possibility.

A Fist Fight

Any good episode of Greek has comedy as well as some emotional drama, and things get extremely heated when two characters get into a fist fight. The two people involved aren’t surprising, but the reason for the fight isn’t what you’d expect.

Heath’s Secrets

Even though it’s all about Beaver, the episode also features a big moment for another minor Kappa Tau brother, the openly gay Heath. His big scene should make fans love him even more, and there’s also plenty of his equally awesome sister, Heather (pronounced heether).

Aaron Hill

The best part of the Beaver-centric episode is, of course, Beaver. Aaron Hill has also been great comedic relief, but in this episode the actor gets to show off more layers of Beaver’s personality, including his family life, his plans for the future, his friends outside the fraternity and even his surprisingly insightful advice. It’s a credit to Greek that a minor character could take center stage and really pull it off.

Catch “All About Beav” tonight at 9pm on ABC Family.

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