New Greek Spoilers

Here is a link to the article.

But here are the spoilers:) I think they are about tonight’s episode. It says next week but it was the 21st. So what do you think?

Greek me! — Lia
How do you do on guessing games? Here’s one regarding next week’s episode. (Don’t hurt yourself figuring it out like I hurt my brain making it.):
* 1-One character thinks “I’m going to be late” sounds like “I’m going to masturbate.”
* 2-One character will do a strip tease.
*3- One character admits that his upper body strength comes from using the Shake Weight For Men.
* 4-One character will be involved in a major break up.
* 5-One character will be involved in (and win!) a fight. (Watching next week’s awesome promo might help you with that one, and “win” is defined by who walks away unscathed.)
*6- One character will become one half of a new couple.
* 7-One character will get between a major couple.

The answers to three of those will be The Beaver, two will be Cappie, one will be Rusty, and one will be Evan.

Number 1- NO clue. Cheap
Number 2- My Guess? Rebecca (It’s Beaver. Saw a picture on
Number 3- My Guess? Heath
Number 4- My guess? Evan
Number 5- So the fight we know is between Evan and Cappie but my guess is Cappie will win (GO Cappie)
Number 6- Rusty (with Ashleigh)
Number 7- Hmm. Could be Evan between Casey and Cappie. I know it says one will be Evan at the bottom of the spoilers but this sounds like something Evan would try and do. Number 4 could be Rebecca which would leave Evan open for number 6. Cappie is part of 2 according to the bottom of the spoilers so I am missing something.

I hate spoilers that don’t tell me anything:)

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