All about Beave discrepancies?

I watched last nights episode of Greek today to see what I had missed the night before. I know when I live blog and spend 50 minutes of an episode waiting for my Cappie and Casey moment that a lot gets lost in translation. So I always make sure to see what I missed. Some times more then once. Today was one of those episodes.

Usually my re-watching episodes is to watch the Cappie and Casey scenes over again and I did that this time too but because of the discrepancies in storyline I spent more time going what? then actually enjoying the little, tiny next to nothing Cappie and Casey scene we got. An added plus was getting a Rebecca and Cappie scene which I actually watched 3 times to the Cappie/Casey two scene thing.

Lets start with the obvious. Beaver’s name. This episode it was Walter but in the episode about Rusty’s parents coming to town his name was Charles.

The last scene with Casey and Beaver Casey mentioned that money has always been an issue between Cappie and Evan and their friendship. I have finally watched every episode of this show and I don’t ever remember money being any issue.

In the camping episode it was noted that Cappie got a lot of scholarships to pay for school. In this episode he is living off his parents? I know they mentioned a inheritance from a farm but the money didn’t dry out a few months later.

Lets talk Casey playing dumb and not knowing she is the reason Evan and Cappie don’t get along. Really because I seem to remember several scenes where Casey felt guilty for them not being friends and she tried to re-unite them?

‘I’m not with Cappie or Evan anymore. It’s over? She told Cappie in the first episode of this season she would give him a chance. She has also had discussions with him about the subject. Now they are telling us it’s over?

I realize that different episodes are written by different people but would it be to much to ask for someone to have the history of these characters at hand when writing a script? I am sorry but when Casey said she and Cappie were over I felt cheated. EVERYTHING that Cappie has tried to do, well it’s like it doesn’t even matter to Casey. Last weeks episode Casey made a point to say she stayed for Cappie. This week “it’s over”

Over analyzing aside I should have enjoyed this episode a lot more then I did. I love Beaver and Katherine as individual characters and them getting together as a couple (out of the blue) could be so amazing. Would have been so amazing 2 years ago instead of as an afterthought in the 7th to last episode of the series.

Maybe in a few years I’ll look back and enjoy this episode more. I was really looking forward to it.


Found another big discrepancy. Not in the Beav episode but during the first episode of season 4. Casey made a point to say she did not actually tell the guy at the law school what Joel did. The part is in this video yet a few episodes later the whole school knew about the case .

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3 Responses to All about Beave discrepancies?

  1. Liz says:

    Hey, I really like your blog – and thanks HEAPS for posting a link to that video of Cappie and Casey in the ‘morning-after-pill’ ep. 😉

    BUT I have to respond to your post about ‘discrepancies’ in the ‘All about Beav’ episode of Greek, because I have also seen every episode of the show and I have to say, I disagree with your points. (sorry)

    1) BEAVERS NAME: Let’s be honest, the moment in which Rusty ‘tells’ his parent’s Beaver’s ‘name’ is one of desperation (he wants them to think Kappa Tau is a high-brow Fraternity, not a dodgy time-waster) – and both in that episode and each one subsequently, they have never actually told us that Charles WAS, in fact, his REAL NAME.

    If anything, Beaver’s response to being called ‘Charles’ is confused, and now that they have used “Walter” in this episode I can only take it to mean that Rusty was just making up a random ‘normal’ name when he introduced Beaver to his folks in ’47 Hours 11 minutes’. There is NO WAY that the writers – who create detailed back-stories for each character in what is called a show’s “Bible” (which they add to as the show goes along so that new writers are up-to-date) – would have given him a REAL name in that episode and not used it again in this episode. It just WOULDN’T happen.

    2) Money HAS always been used by Cappie as a way to insult Evan and his uptight/snobby character: Cap constantly makes fun of him being a ‘Chambers’ as if THIS (money and prestige because of his family-name) is all that there is to his personality.

    During their ‘feud’ he has constantly made comments relating to this. That’s why they made such a point in the season 1 ep ‘Freshman Daze’ of showing that when they WERE friends (before the Casey love-triangle) Evan was trying to break out of his ‘rich-boy’ image and was actually a lot more laid back like Cappie…then when he chose Omega Chi and ‘stole’ Casey, the whole ‘money’ thing was part of the betrayal – ie: Cappie is implying that if he’d chosen Kappa Tau over using wealth and his last name to get by in life, none of that would have happened and they’d still be friends….(even if that’s not completely true, this is the perception created by Cappie antagonising Evan regarding his money and being a ‘snob’ …even though we know the real problem is Casey).

    If you don’t remember any of these moments just think of Cappie joking about Evs going to “Martha’s Vineyard” – and more recently his joke about Evan’s ‘calvin klein undies’ (?) and Evan says “I haven’t had money for over a year!” (or something like that). There are heaps more examples I just can’t think of them right now sorry!

    3) In the camping episode they were explaining HOW Cappie had been able to stay at Uni so long, and that he was very smart and had heaps of scholarships. However they were also mentioning that if he wanted to stay there longer then his parents also had money from the inheritance that they could use for his studies, so he wouldn’t have to struggle financially.

    So it doesn’t matter if he’s only getting SOME money from his folks, or if in the future he WILL get money from his folks, he doesn’t have to worry about working at any stage while he studies (unlike Evan now that he’s cut himself off from his parents) and so Cappie is ‘living off his parents’. Completely valid, and perhaps the fact that it was a low blow/not entirely correct is what fired Cappie up so much and made him hit Evan.

    4) The whole ‘Casey playing dumb’/’it’s over’ scene:

    OKAY. So.

    I think when watching characters interact and go through a journey, you can’t just judge something that happened at point B and ignore everything in-between when you look at point D. Also – there are subtleties of emotion (and acting) that can convey so much more than simply the words: it’s not all ‘black and white’ (like Casey would say) it’s shades of grey. (Sorry for fangirl cheese-factor with using that analogy).

    Basically, when I watched Casey’s face as she said ‘it’s over’, It seemed like she was telling herself ONLY that as a defence mechanism, based on what had been happening over the past few months. (i.e: getting her heart broken after he dumped her at Spring Break + the summer of Cappie’s silence + HOPING that he would come after her/change and then seeing that it wasn’t really happening when she caught him stoned…WE know he’s trying but she doesn’t think so :().

    Also it is the kind of thing you would say to someone that you A) don’t know that well and B) if you are feeling vulnerable and don’t want to confide that you are holding on hope to something that is possibly never going to happen.

    It wasn’t that she WANTED it to be over…If you see her face when Beaver says ‘it’s never over’, you see she has a look of understanding and agreeance…her eyes conceed that what he says is true, but she also looks vulnerable. She WANTS to believe that it’s not over with Cappie, but to protect herself from being constantly hurt about the situation, she tells herself (and Beaver) that it is.

    Also remember that after so long I think she ALSO wants to believe that the three of them (Evan, Cap and herself) have been growing up and the same problems that have plagued their friendships for the past 3+ years are OVER (think about it, it’s been MONTHS AND MONTHS since Spring Break which was – as far we know – the last time Evan and Cappie had a run-in/fight with each other.)

    Anyway, I know this is long but I hope it makes sense and jogs your memory about some stuff. I really don’t think that there’s anything off-character in that episode – and I agree with you, I LOVE Beaver and Katherine together!!

    Keep up your blog, it’s great!!! Can’t wait til next week’s ep of Greek!! Yay for Cappie+Casey action! (Even if loootttss of alcohol is involved :/) 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    * regarding point 2, sorry it looks like i’m quoting Cappie calling Evan a “snob”. He’s never said that word in relation to Evan (that I recall) but that’s what’s implied by what Cappie HAS said. As in, Cappie was bitter about the money thing because he thought (in s1 especially) that Casey had left him for shallow reasons relating to Evan’s name and prestige/money etc etc. (Just wanted to clear that up!) 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the comments Liz. I promise to respond tomorrow because it’s 2am here and your comments gave me a lot to think about. I have to go to sleep:)

    I was so excited to find that video. I watched it a million times. Waiting a month to see that was going to kill

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