Cappie and Casey video from episode 4.06

PLEASE leave a comment after you watch the scene and let me know you saw it. Thanks.

I tried embeding the video but it wouldn’t work. Want to see a Casey and Cappie scene from an episode two weeks away?

I accidently came across this video tonight. This isn’t even on abc family yet. There is actually a couple of scenes but this is the only Cappie and Casey one.

After watching the video where Scott tours the set there is a video titled Touchdown. Watch it.

There is also a video of Ashleigh and the teacher and the other involves Katherine and Casey.

12 videos in all. Some are old and some are new:)

I can’t believe I found this:)

HERE is the video

“Would that be such a bad thing? That’s what the people want.” Cappie The boy is brilliant. Just brilliant.

In case you can’t find the video the scene starts off with the two of them in bed. Cappie is staring at a sleeping Casey. The Alarm goes off and she throws it against the wall. Cappie exclaims “touchdown”
He waves at her and she says, “Oh hi Cap” They exchange some small talk about the bed and the bathrooms. Casey then notices that Ashleigh did not come home last night and Cappie snuggles into her neck and says something about it being good she didn’t come home after what they did at 3 am and 3 15 am etc… Casey snuggles back with a look of contentment on her face but only for a second before she tells Cappie it was a good thing that Ashleigh didn’t come back because she would get the wrong idea. That is when Cappie makes the comment about it being what the people want. (Damn straight Cappie you tell Judge Casey) Casey then puts her hands on Cappie’s shoulders and tells him things have not changed (boooo) Cappie says, Thanks for the meaningless sex then as she pushes the boy literally out the window.

I am glad this scene was done in a light heart’d way. It would have really stunk to see the hurt Cappie look. We get a hurt Cappie look but it isn’t as severe as his usual. I was really afraid this scene would basically be mean judge Casey being her usual self but it was played differently.

What did you think?

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2 Responses to Cappie and Casey video from episode 4.06

  1. Kristen says:

    I am so glad you found this scene. The waiting was driving me batty. I agree with you about Casey. She grates on my nerves.

  2. Thanks Kristin. You are my first official comment.

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