SPOILERS for future Episode

Aren’t you guys glad I have no life:) We left off with Episode 7 being titled: Midnight Clear in the spoilers from past blogs. The last episode we know about is Calvins 21st Birthday party and everyone is stuck inside during a snow storm.

Did a little research and while we don’t have a synopsis of this episode I have found an article that lists the name of episode 8

Episode 8 is titled: Subclass Plagiostomi

So I looked up the word and incidently came across 3 more sites mentioning the episodes name with no synopsis. Did some more re-search and found this page telling us the meaning of the word Plagiostomi. Which is,

New Latin , from Greek … slanting + …, …, mouth.] (Zoology) An order of fishes including the sharks and rays; — called also Plagiostomata .

So unless Cappie has decided to become a Marine Biologist I have no clue what this means.

Wait shark could mean someone out for blood. Someone causing trouble. Or it could be a card shark. Maybe some gambling?


The next episode being seen on ABC Family is titled Fumble. I hope it means fumbled as in a mistake by not protection and not fumble meaning the end of Cappie and Caseys relationship.

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