I love you Rusty Cartwright

I have been doing a lot of complaining about Greek having Rusty as the focus of every episode lately and I would like to take back everything negative I have ever said about my new hero (Pause for dramatic effect) Rusty Cartwright.

I finally caught up on the last episode of Greek I had not seen (thanks youtube) It’s Season one. Episode 8. Titled : “Separation Anxiety” and in it we get another gem by Rusty in his quest to reunite Casey and Cappie back together where they belonged all along.

Watch the scene above starting at 5.37. The words of wisdom come at 6.33 when someone , Rusty the greek God of words of wisdom FINALLY tells Casey something I personally think should have been said in the pilot episode. “You used him Casey”

The one thing surrounding this couple that has always bothered me is the way Casey can use Cappie at the drop of a hat without a single guilty feeling. She knows how he feels and she has used that to her advantage several times. An example that comes to mind is the Great Cappie episode where she used him to get the KTT’s to be at that party when no one else wanted to be associated with ZBZ. She states she wants them to go back to the way they were. His face lights up and then she says as friends.

This may be a little thing to some people. A nothing to most but to me it is something that Greek has never addressed. Something I always thought needed to be addressed. It might not be a full blown confrontation to every time she had done it (at this point it would be way to late) but it was enough for me that it at least was addressed once.

Yes this insight has been brought to you by a thought in the middle of the night:)

I know I am way to involved with this show but take everything I say in context.

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