Live Blogging of Greek: Episode 4.05

9.56- How do you spell luge? Cappie takes a drunk Casey home. She then seduces him and that look while he leans by the door just brought tears to my eyes. I watched instead of blogging because I wanted to see what was going on and now the only thing in my head is Casey yelling at Cappie saying it is over in the preview for next week. I would like to talk myself into that being the family channel being the family channel but I can’t. This is going to be the LONGEST week of my television life. I DVR’d this episode and am off to watch the end again. I KNOW I’ll have more to say then. Will start a new blog to discuss.


9.49- Heather and Calvin talk. Almost time for our end kiss that better end well next week. Stripper talk. Heath is sweet. Calvin will forgive him. Calvin says I love you, awwwwww. Heath does too:)

Rusty, Spidey, sleepy. Hiding the goat in plain site? Brilliant!

9.52- Mean Ashleigh. That drink deserved to be over your head mean Ashleigh. Teach tells Ash to take what you have to to survive. Smart advice Casey gave you hours ago.

Goat time. Cappie announces that their very own have successfully stolen goat. Rusty and Spidey talk big brother.

9.55- Judge Casey off to seduce poor un suspecting Cappie. She drinks. Beaver and the goat. Rebecca talks to Laura. Off to see boyfriend.

Jonathon tells Cappie to have faith. Damn Casey. You should have done that.

9.57- Rebecca and Evan. Evan blows off Rebecca. Rebecca says okay. Rebecca is going to dump that fool.

Lets get this straight. Casey loving Cappie doesn’t mean she is stuck in a fairytale. Ashleigh thinks because Casey thinks Cappie will change she is wasting her life but if anyone had even attempted to see what Cappie has been up to would know he was working on everything. Ashleigh better apologize to Cappie.


9.40- Judge Casey. Practical to take crap job:( Poor Ash. Oh no poor Ash anymore. Wasting time on that fairytale? Oh no she didn’t. Aw Ash. How could you:(

Party time. Douche bad talk. Cappie and Dad talk. Discuss his job and how working can be fun. If you own the business. MY GUESS, Cappie will be Business management major. MY opinion he should be a professor.

Rebecca and Calvin talk Heath. Judge Casey. Rebecca gets Casey drunk. Oh Casey you are not really a good friend. I LOVE Rebecca. She cracks me up. Get her drunk Becks.

I can’t believe Ashleigh said that. I will be stuck on this for awhile.

Goat stealing snordum.


Shoot technical difficulties. I typed and nothing showed up:( I forget what I said. Something about Ashleigh and the hot teacher. Ashleighs speech was dead on. To spend all that money and have no job opportunities is sad.

9.29- Sunscreen on face??? Goat stealing. The impossible. Please, Cappie would have stolen it after he thought it was impossible. Blowtorch time!!!

Calvin and hot Heath talk. Super heroes? Come on Calvin. Oops stripping talk. All secrets are

Casey, Ash and soon to be Evan, ZzZzZzZzZZZZZzzzz. Time for Ashleigh to see the hot teacher. (Not yet) Discussing jobless rate which makes Casey even more of a bitch. Part time nanny. Don’t do it Ash.

Goat searching. Big brother talk. Half Pledge says he wants Cappie for his confidence. Haven’t seen that a lot this year. Dale shows up. Time to steal a goat and put me to sleep:)

Casey and Evan have NO chemistry. ENOUGH! Evan wins butt kissing. Ashleigh see’s hot teacher. Casey introduces.


9.18- Heather and Rebecca talk boys. Judge Casey needs a favor. (New room)

LMAO Heather the help made a funny. New fave Rebecca line. Casey barks orders, No KTT party, yea right. My new buddy Rusty, and Dale. Scene from family. CAPPIE!!! The enemy, I hate you. Laugh Cappie says he will be big brother then changes mind.

Rebecca talks to Calvin about no girl for Heather. This is a relationship I miss. There scenes a few years ago were cute.

Casey at Doblers. Ashleigh too. CAPPIE. Awww boy is totally tapped and Casey is her usual heartless self. 😦 Story time. Umm swatches are 80’s me thinks Silverman is older then that. (He isn’t. Born in 66 which means college in 86) I LOVE Ashleigh but I don’t get why she is so mean to Cappie these days. I remember the situation but it still seems a bit much. I swear Cappie and Casey have had the least amount of air time this year of anyone. At least as a couple.


Secret life is really the dumbest show ever. Get knocked up after sleeping with a guy that used you for sex then make them a family. Greek gets a bad rap for no consequences and this show is putting idea’s in kids heads that is you get pregnant eventually the guy will fall in love with you and you will all be a huge happy family. I don’t know. Sorry but Sasha Cohen is not my kind of skater, yuckers on ice. ha

9.06- Jonathon Silverman. Wow he looks the same. Show your papa. Bathroom tours fun. Cappie should be more impressed with Lasker Parks. CEO is huge. No big brother? Really wow at how amazing Jonathon Silverman looks. He hasn’t changed at all. God Casey and Evan ZzZzZzZzZzZZZZzzzzz. More judge Casey. Bad advice Evan. You help a friend. Cute professor. Casey vs Evan is NOT cute, endearing or fun. YAY Calvin and Heath discuss party with Bing. Evan blows off Rebecca again. Heath is sweet. Casey tells Rebecca to leave, bitch like Felicity. Cappie, BEAVER, Rusty and kid who looks like DJ from Rosanne. More Scoobie whining. Cappie doesn’t seem to be his usual carefree self at all this year:( Big brother talk. Spidey wants awesome Cappie. Everyone loves Cappie. A new TV show coming this fall. I’d watch:)

I miss hulu and their limited commercial interruptions. My niece is 4 and she never announces it to the world like that commercial for Toyota. She is above average:)

9.00- 9.03-

Cappie speech. Moment of silence. Epic party. Defy gravity. Missed that last words mumble Cappie. Dark green does not bring out the blue in Scott’s eyes.

Scene I have already seen thanks to family channel. Judge Casey. Even her eyes of judgey.

I have this pretty little liars figured out. I watched the first season and have come to the conclusion the little girl who kissed her sisters boyfriend twice is A. The very first scene of the show has her coming back to the barn after they realize the other girl is missing. Mrs Cunningham:)
Don’t forget:) Not sure if I will be doing it next week because that is a big episode I want to watch. I’ll still do it.

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