Analyzing disappointment. My thoughts.

Added video. DJ88 at you tube:)

This could technically be considered a SPOILER for those on the West Coast so I am writing that above.

I do have to say that the only thing really being talked about in this review is the Cappie and Casey stuff. Or things related to them.

I can’t even think straight right now. This is the forth time I have tried starting this blog only to delete my thoughts due to lack of clarity. It doesn’t matter what I write it just doesn’t seem to make sense. Not that my grammar is ever something to write home about but at this point it is worse then usual.

We started with Ashleigh and Casey fighting at the alumni dinner. Casey hurt Ashleighs’ feelings by telling her to take the dish washing job at Doblers. Ashleigh felt this was Casey not believing in her. Something about Casey being the one to teach her that she should want more for herself. Where have I heard that line before? Episode one of season 4, Casey to Cappie.

Casey might have great intentions but she has this way of giving advice that comes off as pretentious. She gives the impression that she is talking down to you. She is prefect and you are anything but. I kind of get (now. A few minutes ago I didn’t feel this way) why Ashleigh threw Cappie in Casey’s face. Not that his was the fair thing to do. Poor Cappie has become the whipping boy of Greek this season and I personally don’t find it fun to watch.

My advice to Casey? It isn’t what you say but how you say it.


The next scene (two part scene actually. A few minutes a part) to discuss is Cappie and Jonathon Silverman. The characters name has left my head all night. Lasker Parks I think. This was one of the best scenes of the night. We know that Cappie’s parents are not the profound advice giving types but Lasker Parks is just that.

Cappie is scared of growing up and living in the real world and he should be. The 9-5 world sucks. At least he has his education to fall back on but unfortunately in this day and age of the economy and bailouts not everyone is going to be able to live off their education.

Now we have some substance. Part two of this scene is the right way to help someone you care about. Lasker’s advice about the world not being out to get you is complete bull shit ( personal issue snuck in there for a second)but telling Cappie he can do it is a hell of a lot better way to encourage someone then to treat them like Casey did. I realize she tried to talk to him several times but I can’t help but think if Casey had put it the way Lasker did that it might have sunk into his head months ago.

Cappie doesn’t need someone to tell him he is smart and worthy. We have learned throughout the series that Cappie is a capable young man but you know what it doesn’t hurt hearing it from someone once in awhile.


Which brings us to the end. I think that was the closest thing to a sex scene we will ever get on ABC

The scene was pretty short. I swear it felt a lot longer when I was first watching it.

It starts with Cappie putting Casey in bed. She is drunk and he has been drinking. He pauses at the door, looks at her like he wants to say something but can’t.

He does everything he can to stop her when she is pulling him closer but the hurt in his face especially his eyes is just classic Scott Michael Foster work. He is at his best when it comes to making us see on his face what he is feeling in his heart and this scene is a perfect example of that. Wow I think that is the first thing in this blog tonight that I didn’t have to re-write.

Really it is that look that totally has me hooked on this relationship. Cappie knows what he wants and it is killing him inside that he can’t have her. That look of vulnerability would melt any real girl into mush.

When Cappie is kissing Casey you can tell he is not sure he believes this is happening. He knows he shouldn’t be doing this but he can’t help himself. A case of wanting something so much you can’t control yourself is something we have all lived through.

They end up making love and we are left to ponder for 7 freaking days if this will end in heart break or absolute pandemonium.


Before I mentioned in a blog that I was kind of glad the morning after scene wasn’t played out as Cappie being hurt but I don’t think that was the right way to go. After watching this whole scene the morning after almost has to be played out the emotional way. Cappie was so out of his element and his head that the way Greek actually directed the scene is pretty much a cop out. It deserved more then we got. Or will get next week.

The scene for next week has Casey telling Cappie they won’t work. ABC family likes to tease us something with their little up and coming promo’s but something about this one scares me.

When Cappie and Casey got together in season 3 the promo told us it was going to happen. Truth in advertising better be a myth with this weeks promo.

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4 Responses to Analyzing disappointment. My thoughts.

  1. Liz says:


    I hope you don’t mind spoilers? I don’t know if this one really counts, because it’s mostly supposition based on things i’ve read but if you don’t want to be spoiled at all maybe don’t keep reading…

    I’m almost positive that Cappie and Casey get back together, and hopefully, SOON.

    When I was reading script-sides for season 4, there was one involving Cappie trying to ‘impress’ Casey in a situation where there were heaps of kids at the ZBZ house…that HAS to be next episode! Also, I think that he wasn’t so concerned the morning after they slept together, because he obviously thinks he is still in with a shot…which might be before she shuts him down (in the snippets from the promo for next week)

    But ANYWAY, in a season 4 behind-the-scenes with the cast Spencer Grammer teased that “Casey DOES get a boyfriend this season” and Scott says “In my head I always saw that Casey and Cappie should be together..but maybe that’s just me” (or something similar. Amber Stevens is talking about how people always relate to the Cappie-Casey College relationship, how ‘they can’t make it work but they’re gonna make it work’ and says that this push-and-pull is what will take us through the 4th season.

    Anyway, since they really don’t have any other ‘love interests’ for Casey this season everything points to the fact that Cappie and Casey will figure things out! Even if they get back together then break them up again in the last ep (doubt they would do that but you never know) I am almost positive they’ll get them back together, at least for a few episodes. 🙂

    Oh and also, from script-sides for a later ep (or eps), (i’m guessing 8 or 9) Casey is doing a fake court-case and Cappie is there cheering for her…also at another time he’s doing some sort of interview for a position with the FBI (OR SOMETHING lol) and he mentions that he’s told his girlfriend about it (and seriously, who else could you imagine them hooking Cappie up with at this late stage of season 4?). So yeah, I think the promo’s are just messing with us and it’ll work out eventually 🙂

  2. Liz you are the best. I LOVE spoilers. I hate not knowing. So feel free to come back and tell me anything you know.


    I had not heard the last part about him interviewing for the FBI so that was knew to me. I also noticed they had no love interests outside each other this season. I was hoping that meant what you wrote myself but you can never tell with ABC family.

    I think they get back together also but the only thing that scares me is that last season ABC family ended it with a break up and they thought it would be the last episode. People complained so ABC family gave them more episodes but they were content with ending it badly if that was the last episode.


  3. Liz says:

    No problems!

    Here is a link to where I read details about various script-sides for eps in s4. I read them last year… Everything they said that would happen in the first few episodes happened exactly as they said, so I am sure that it’s all accurate. They really don’t have THAT much but it has the one about Cappie ‘interviewing’ for the CIA (not FBI lol). Basically if you were in any doubt that Cappie and Casey are back together by episode 8 then this should kill it…..
    Cappie says that he told his girlfriend who is a ‘law student’ about the interview.

    So….YAY!!! 😀

    Here is the link:

    They don’t have any spoilers for the final ep, which i’m glad about because I think I want to be surprised for the series final. 🙂

  4. As long as we get a happy Cappie and Casey ending I think I might be spoiled for the last episode too. Thanks for the links. I REALLY appreciate it.

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