This is why Scott Michael Foster and Spencer Grammar rock!:)

Extra props to Scott Michael Foster for saying it first:)

Here is a link to a video where the cast of Greek is asked where they see their characters in 20 years.

At 1.06 is Scott’s answer. A similar question is answered by Spencer is at 1.36.


Best quote of all

“That would make all my dreams come true if they were together” more

Ignore me. This made me smile.:)

Here is another great answer from Scott. He sure knows how to win the fans

2.10 is the part to watch. Plus the Amber stuff because she is so adorable.

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12 Responses to This is why Scott Michael Foster and Spencer Grammar rock!:)

  1. Liz says:

    Hey, I am not in the US and I can’t see this video!!!! 😦 😦 When are the interviews from? Are they recent??? I’m so bummed I can’t see it – is there any other videos of the same thing that aren’t exclusively viewable in the US??? 😦 😦

  2. Liz says:

    Or is there any way you can transcribe (type word-for-word) their answers?? Sorry I know that will prob be a hassle I just really want to know !! Lol

  3. I’ll do that for you some time today Liz. NO problem. They weren’t long answers so it should not be a problem. I am not sure I can do them all but I will do the Scott and Spencer ones for sure. Come back in a few hours. Right now I am in the middle of something but I’ll do it soon.

  4. What will your character be doing after graduation.

    Scott, “Going to hawaii and opening a fish taco stand” He’ll have his bronco there. I think he will find a way to drive his bronco to Hawaii. I don’t know how he is going to do it but he’ll be out there selling fish tacos.

    Jacob (Rusty) something about being a scientist

    Paul (Calvin) His character is a great guy so he will probably volunteer , travel and see the world

    Where do you see your character in 20 years

    Spencer : Work for people that sit in tree’s. Casey is a lot more of a rebel then she realized.

    Amber- See’s Ashleigh running an marketing firm/ad agency and ruling the world

    Scott (awww) He see’s Cappie hopefully with Casey. I think I have always wanted to see that happen. That would make all of my dreams come true if they were together. Maybe have a couple of kids and live on a beach.

    What would be your character’s supererlative

    Amber ” Most likely to dance on a bar, she doesn’t know (laughs)

    Spencer ” Continue to have a love triangle and get back with Cappie in the end.

    Jacob (Rusty) most likely be voted as the quietist person in class

  5. Paul James ” Most likely to be brought home to mom and dad

    Scott ” Most likely to be a clown because he is the one everyone goes to to have an awesome time and he makes everyone laugh.

  6. These videos were put up January 31st 2011 so they are 2 days old. I am so sorry you can’t see them. I wish I knew a way to send them to you so they would work.

  7. Here the second video.

    Theory on Cappie’s name

    Scott says that is a good question and his theory is that they don’t keep me in the loop on what the real name is. If he had a guess Cappie would be embarrassed by his name so he chose something else.

    Spencer ” we know what his name is but we aren’t telling you (laughs)

    Amber- Something crazy like an animal or something earthy and Cappie is just something that came out of it

    Favorite moment

    Spencer ” so many great moments, worked with so many great actors she can’t decide.

    Amber – Favorite storyline was the lesson her character learned about credit debt Thought it was funny she had to learn the lesson the hard way and that she thought credit was free money.

    Scott ” recurringly he has been asked this question and the most popular answer he has given is first season when casey and cappie on the show are trying to get back together and she asks him where he wants to be in ten years and he says I want to be with you. Cuz its just like the basis of these two characters relationship througout the entire series so that is my favorite moment.

    Then Amber says thanks for the questions and she is sorry she can’t remember Cappie’s real name. She laughs.

    There was one more question where someone asked if the TV show like like real college and Paul James said no. There is a lot more studying and Amber said yes and she babbled for a minute. I can do the exact wording later.

  8. Liz says:


    Thanks SO much for that!!!! 😀 I wish I could see the video’s too but it’s great now that I can read their answers so I can at least get the point!! I tried searching for “greek season 4 interviews” on Youtube to see if someone else had uploaded it (and I could watch it outside the US) but couldn’t find it!!

    I love Scott’s answer regarding his favourite moment…so adorable!

    Also, I hope by Spencer’s answer we don’t end the season with a love-triangle cliffhanger 😛 But yeah by the sound of Scott’s answer I’m guessing (and hoping) that that’s the way the story goes with Cappie and Casey in the end…. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  9. Marine says:

    Great blog! I really love coming here and seeing all those spoilers, reading your opinion on episodes and all, it is really nice! I am from France and not too many people watch/know Greek here, so I really like reading about people who love this show as much as I do 🙂 …!

    Anyway: if you want to see this video outside the US, try this link:
    (quite long I know, but it worked for me…)

    Thanks for posting all that 🙂 !

  10. Liz says:

    Thanks heaps Marine!! 😀 I really appreciate it!!

    It’s so cute with the ‘have a couple of kids and live on the beach’ answer aww. haha!!

    Anyway thanks again Marine, and thanks Cappie+Casey 101 for posting the answers to read!

    Both of you are awesome. 😀

  11. Liz says:

    Here’s the second video too – there was a link to it from the page you sent Marine. 🙂


  12. Thanks to both of you for posting. I appreciate it a lot:)

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