New Cappie and Casey scene from Next weeks episode

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Link to new scene

I am calling BS. I am really starting to dislike episodes written by Carter Covington. I am sorry but there is NO WAY IN HELL Cappie would have such a caviler attitude about not using protection with Casey. The whole maybe you are maybe you aren’t think is played out.

I remember when I first read this show was going to take place and my very first reaction was “Don’t let it be about Casey and Cappie” and so far the two clips I have seen concerning them have not made me doubt my first impression.

I am never happy when I have to take Casey’s side over Cappie’s. Come to think about it I don’t think I ever have taken Casey’s side over Cappie. His attitude in this scene sucked. I could see him joking at first but after she said she isn’t on the pill he would have gotten serious.

OMG Something I missed the first time. Here is a quote on the page. Still freaked out a bit episode wise but feeling better.

ultimately the two will decide if they are a couple or not…with an outcome that should please the masses.

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4 Responses to New Cappie and Casey scene from Next weeks episode

  1. laura says:

    hey, i think the reaction is very cappie-like. he never likes to show his panic in front of people and probably freaked out when casey left

  2. Thanks for your comment Laura. I agree it is Cappie like but I also think desperate times should be shocking some sense into him by now. I just feel people grow and he needs to start A.S.A.P

    Again thanks for your comments:)

  3. Kristen says:

    I think they should have played the scene the way they did in the episode about the burning down the gamma si house. He made jokes calling her his fire starter but he was there for her. He always puts concern for her well being ahead of himself. That scene did not do that.

  4. Sorry Kristen. I didn’t see your comment there. I am on your side in this. I think there should have been more. Everything that has gone on so far this year has to wake up Cappie some time right? Would have been the perfect opportunity.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:)

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