Random Pilot episode thoughts

I watched the pilot once. It must have been like a year ago but I have been avoiding re-watching it since because watching Casey use Cappie just annoys me but I am waiting for a new episode of Bones which starts in an hour and decided what the heck. Why not watch it now and here are my random thoughts through out the episode. These have no substance I just thought I would blog while I watched.

Here we go.

Spencer Grammer looks so young here. They actually all look really young but for some reason Spencer looks like a whole different person.

Casey is such a little bitch. She is so mean to Rusty and I can’t believe she didn’t tell anyone she had a brother. I can totally see my sister doing the same thing to me.lol

Calvin changing his name for the Jewish frat was hilarious. Calvin is still awesome.

Jake McDorman is really hot. He is still hot but my love for Cappie blinds me now so I just realized just how good looking this man is. Blond hair, blue eyes is totally my type.

Rebecca blowing off Casey the first time I watched this I found her annoying but I rather enjoyed it this time.

Dale and I never would have lasted as roomates. A day in and I would have requested a new room.

The chemistry between Scott and Spencer lit up the screen from their first scene together. That cowboy hat needs to be burned.

Oh yes Cappie is much cuter without that hat. LMAO in the biblical sense. In her church, OMG, I did not remember that from the first airing. LMAO

New name for Rusty. This I remember. It is also nice to see that Cappie was nice to Rusty before he knew she was Casey’s brother.

That guy was officially worst boyfriend ever. Just sayin (mean guy not Cappie)

Rusty doesn’t know what dap is. Even I know that and I know nothing.

Evan is not a nice guy and I can’t believe he slept with Rebecca after Rusty saw him.

I just messed up hulu. Typical me.

That scene where Evan stood above Dale was hilarious. For some reason it cracked me up.

Evan attempts to bribe Rusty to keep quiet about Casey. Oh Evan now I remember why Evan isn’t as cute as he used to be. Boy scout Rusty. So true.

Cassie. I love Rebecca. Dilshad looks really young here too.

Oh Cappie that hat isn’t any better.lol (it has a dear on it. Winter hat) I am not seeing any blue eyes here.

“Fun to corrupt and bring to the dark side”

Casey is your sister Rusty but Dale has a point. Casey is mean to you so forget her. Nah Dale is right and it turns out Dale knew best.

Casey’s wardrobe was much cuter during this pilot then it is now. I LOVED the green tank top in the bar. The sweater is cute-ish.

Casey is still a bitch but Rusty was sweet.

There is nothing ugly about Rebecca, Casey. Frannie is wrong but Casey is just as wrong for keeping Evan just for his name. Spencer looking really young again. Frannie logic is no logic at all.

Casey is wearing that same necklace she always wears even in the pilot.

Okay time for the scene I wanted to avoid. The pool scene.

That Casey smile is wicked. It isn’t like the Casey smile from the other pool scene that was endearing. This smile is evil and wicked and has ulterior motives behind it. Hey I just realized I am back to calling her bitch Casey instead of Judge Casey (judgmental )

Something I didn’t know. This was Cappie’s secret place. LOVE how this scene starts the same as the other pool scene. Even the words. Except this has Elphaba Casey instead of semi nice Casey with out ulterior motives. Well slightly less I would say.

It’s a good thing I didn’t watch this show from the start. I don’t think I ever would have liked Casey with Cappie if this is where I started.

THERE are those blue eyes. Yes Casey that is what I wanted to see.

Saying no while shaking your head yes. Classic.

Now that was cute. Cappie wanted sex and he knew (at least he thought he knew) that she would say no and the expression change from I think I am cute and you know you want me Cappie to OMG this is what I really want and now I am scared shit-less with shocked anticipation Cappie was freaking adorable. This might have brought me back for episode two. Watching a second time I noticed his voice cracked when he said okay. In the words of Ashleigh, awwwww

Casey breaks the balls and kicks butt. Shocked Cappie looks bewildered. His sure thing isn’t so sure anymore. Casey took a class. I bet you did Casey Cartwright. ha

Where’s numb nuts. I meant Rusty, More classic lines. Everything is classic for me tonight.

Where is Evan WHO CARES! It’s not what the people want Cappie.

So this is the “who said it’s over ” scene. I knew I had seen it but I could never place it until now. Love the loss of breath from Casey when Cappie said that. More awwwww. Did you see Mr confident back up when she did that little lip quiver thing, interesting.

You do realize I start this scene over every time I come to type a comment.:)

Casey loses on purpose, seduces and we move on…..

This was one of their better kissing scenes. Spencer once said they barely knew each other when they filmed this scene so i guess that would make it more realistic. Not sure that is even the right word.

I just realized Cappie is easier to get into bed then Evan is.

Gingerale now that was funny. Explains why Rusty didn’t spit it all over Calvin.

Rusty confronts Evan. They fight. Evan has no right to get mad when Rusty says he isn’t good enough for Casey. Not sure why he has issues with this anyway. Pledge paddle BOOM. Good job Rusty. Sorry Evs you deserved that big time. You can’t throw someones ass in jail when you threw the first punch Evan. I will give Evan some credit because he could have kicked Rusty’s butt but he didn’t. Props to Rusty for not backing down.

Morning after…

Now I remember again why I call Casey bitch Casey. Cappie tries to play the tough guy in the comedic way only he could and he fails miserably at it. I do love how in a later episode when Beaver tells Evan about this night that Cappie tries to stop him. He could have used this against Evan very easily but he didn’t. Stand up guy that he is.

“I’m not gay I was just drunk. ha I love Calvin.

Busted on your way out the door. You guys suck. ha

Wow Casey is such a brat. All she ever does is take what others say and repeat it. The piranha comment was funny. How did she get into College again? This was a cute scene. I like the way they ended it and I like the quotes.

Then again can you say hypocrite? Your social life is your life? Imagine Cappie saying something like that and judge Casey would be reaming him into tomorrow. She has goals you know.

Wow just when I was about to call Casey out for her lovey dovey attitude with Evan she pulls me back on her side. Think about it Evan.

Okay now I like that hat Cappie. Rusty the pledge. What is that saying about a enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine? LOVE the look on Cappie’s face when Rusty says he hit Evan.lol

I don’t even know what to say about Cappie opening up to Rusty in a dress LMAO. Not a fan of Evan calling Cappie a dumbass, grrr and the look on Evan’s face when he realizes exactly who that revenge was with is classic classic. OMG he just gave Rusty a drink. SPITTER!!! more classic.

The end:)

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