Greek. Season 4. Episode 6. LIVE Blogging..

Here is a quick review from TV fanatic. I agree with 99.9 % of what was said.



Rusty and Ashleigh. Serious ending on this? WTF!!!! A mystery. Rusty kissed Ashleigh who was crying, awww poor Ash. Now she makes me tear up:( They kiss and now I feel better the show ended on this. Rusty needs air. (This is a flashback to the night before) Ash off to dinner with the professor.

ZBZ- Casey empties trash. Rusty is in trash. Gee have a heart Casey. You could at least look sad. See judge Casey. You did not give Cappie enough credit. Casey kills Cappie. Awww kissing.

Rebecca is Casey gets a text from Cappie. Meet me in the back yard. How awesome is Cappie. He isn’t giving up, awwww. To abd Judge Casey doesn’t even look sad.

Cappie land is so corny. Awww kid for a night. I am sorry this is corny. Did the last scene even happen? This shows drives me nuts. A swing.They kiss. I am still calling this

Calvin and Rusty.


9.40- Why does this show always go so fast?

Laura ” I was not born Super nanny” Dale controls the brats. Dale blows up Laura.

Casey yells at Cappie. The brat kid climbs the wall. Cappie saves the day. Cappie plays mind games and gets the kid to do what he asks. CIA I see a future.

Rusty and Calvin AGAIN. With the goat. Girl answers door. She pierced his belly button? I missed what he said. Used the wire he has been working on.

The game. Professor see’s Ashleigh.They discuss age. Casey is an adult. They flirt.

More game. Rusty AGAIN. Who is keeping count on how many scenes that is????? At least Calvin is with him. Calvin feels bad his brothers don’t trust him, awww Mean Omega chi.

Casey is about to yell at Cappie. See ya Cap, blah! We are over ZzZzZzZzZZZZZZzzzzzz Okay so she makes sense this time but that doesn’t mean she is right. I have tears in my eyes like Cappie did:(


9.28- Rusty and Calvin. Watch football. Talk Katherine. Katherine shows up. OMG I love her.

Poor Dale. Dust buster cleaning. Laura “MR. Belvedere”

LOL Out sacrasm’ed by the kid. That was cute.

Ash and Rebecca at the game. Becks complains about Evan. Rebecca gives good advice but I think she is wrong. This has nothing to do with Casey.

More Rusty. At the lab. The wire is gone. That wire gets as much air time as Rusty.

Hailey is loud. “That is not your stuff Haylie” Kid is all in the make up. Laura shows up. ‘I will kill Santa Claus”. The judge is back, grrr. Casey yells at Cappie. At least this scene was endearing. Mean judge Casey makes me sad.


9.17- Casey goes to the pharmacy. Tells the pharmacist her life story. Whispers the words morning after. Katherine shows up. The pharmacist is sweet. He covers for judge Casey. Not those glasses Casey. Like Whitney Houston. Children are for the future” These lines are great tonight.

Scene that has been seen. Casey comes home and Rebecca puts her to work. Rebecca has been missing in action this year. Take some of Rusty’s scenes and give them to Rebecca.

Rusty again. Pretty girl. Umm not a real blond. I forgot Gary Coleman was dead.

I forgot how many of these scenes I has seen. Here is another. Casey and Ashleigh fight.

“You look like you are about to fly coach ” lol Rebecca. Another scene that has been seen. Haylie wants snacks. The profes and Ash chit chat. Ash flirts with the profess. Awwww

Rusty scene 600 (out of 10) I forget what happened Cappie showed up.

Aww the boy is so tapped but so sweet. THAT was the Cappie that should have been in the last scene. I don’t blame Casey for that bitch attitude. Another first. I always blame Casey. The Elizabeth Shue line was

9.07- Rusty crawls. So far we are 2 Rusty scenes in. (out of 3) Ashleigh at the door. Asks if he remembers. Rusty has some funny lines today and we are only 7 minutes in. Ash leaves. Dale questions Rusty who can’t remember a thing. Another scene we have seen. Calvin shows up. Rusty is getting better looking. They will hang out together and he needs a day off.

9.09- Casey is late (I have seen all scenes so far. Family sure released a lot of scenes for this episode. I love Katherine “I have taken a lover” she is so cute. So many “condems” lol Casey went off the pills, she looks worried about the night before.

Dobblers. More Rusty (scene 3) Rusty gets cheers at the bar but he has a hang over. I am so embarrassed for you says Calvin”

Cappie acts like an idiot. Another scene I have seen. Sorry i still say Cappie would be more concerned for Casey in this scene. Boy was speechless. First time for everything. That part was left off ABC family as was the beginning of the Casey/Katherine scene above.


9.00- Thank God I saw this scene two weeks ago or I would be freaking out right now. Cappie and Casey the morning after. Him watching her was adorably stalkerish. Judge, bitch Casey. “It’s what the people want” my new favorite Cappie line of all time.

More Rusty. Oh fun. If I counted of scenes I bet he is two to one over every other person on this show. “Did beaver find out where I hid the

Me no care about I’m number 4.

These scenes from last week were last season.


Live blogging in 10 minutes (greeeeek:)

8.52- Watching House. I forgot this show was on Monday’s before Greek. All that time I wasted watching pretty little liars. 8 minutes:)
No one likes A-rod house. Now I remember why I don’t watch this show. Blood, yuck

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