SPOILERS Episode 4.08- 4.10

Only new scene above is everyone walking through the snow. About 8 seconds in. There is also the KTT guys jumping on a bed later on.

I am so dreading the end. What will I do with my Monday nights:)

Here is the link.

Episode 8

Episode 4×08: “Subclass Plagiostomi”

CHEESERITO MAN AND SLACKER DUDE: These two are in a commercial Ashleigh’s marketing teacher shows her. The teacher then offers her a job to help with the marketing of the product.
CIA RECRUITER: Cappie meets with the CIA recruiter about possibly having a job with the CIA. During the interview he tells the recruiter he told his girlfriend who is a law student about the interview which we are guessing means he is back with Casey by this episode. In the end the recruiter stops the interview because Cappie told too many people about him meeting with the recruiter. At the end of the side Ashleigh walks out of Rusty and Dale’s bathroom in a formal dress. She says her and Simon broke up (not sure who that is….it’s possible it’s the professor and father of Hailey in episode 6 because she says he bought her the dress). It then hints a possible Rusty and Ashleigh relationship as Rusty looks at her in the dress and can’t help but smile with how good she looks.
OX PLEDGE: Rusty is trying to convince Dale that the Omega Chis are just humiliating him and they don’t really want him to pledge. The pledge walks up to Dale and tells him they can’t do the show without him and Dale leaves with him.
OLD MAN POP/BRIAN MR. SCHMOCK: The law class is having a mock trial. Casey and Katherine are on one side and Evan is on the other. Cappie and Ashleigh are in the audience to cheer Casey on. At the end of the side Evan calls Casey to the stand which is a surprise to everyone.
GAMMA PSI PLEDGE: Rebecca goes to meet Natalie at the new Gamma Psi house. The Gamma Psi’s are doing something with Omega Chi for the winter formal and Natalie jokes that the ZBZs could go with the Tri Pis since Rebecca was a lesbian once. Rebecca makes a comment that they will have to deal with Dale and Natalie says that Dale will be taken care of before the formal so they won’t have to worry about that.

Episode 9

Episode 4×09: “A House Divided”

RYLAN AND OMEGA CHI PLEDGE 2: Rylan is an Omega Chi pledge. Trip doesn’t want Dale in Omega Chi and Rylan stands up and says that he would like Dale as a brother. J.P. agrees and other pledges admit that Dale didn’t deserve to get the boot.
NATIONAL COUNSILWOMAN 1 AND 2: These two are with the ZBZ national president and they are voting something. The voting comes down to three ZBZ chapters, the CRU chapter being one of them. It’s unsure what exactly they are voting for though
RECORDING SECRETARY: The ladies from nationals, including the national ZBZ president are at the ZBZ house. They are all waiting for a Justin Beiber concert to start for charity. In this side we learn that Frannie has returned. She helped get the president and counsil to come to the ZBZ house. There is a brief conversation between Frannie and Casey at the end of the side. Frannie is apparently doing something in LA.
CITY INSPECTOR: It seems the KT house is in need of some serious repair. The city inspector has come by to look at the place and possibly give them a grant to fix it up. Cappie is leading the inspector through the house when Lasker Parkes walks in. Lasker then tries to pursuade the city inspector all the good qualities of the KT house. In the beginning there is also a scene with Calvin and Evan. Evan is helping out Rusty with something but he has to talk to his parents in order to help him and Calvin encourages him to patch things up with her parents. It looks like Mr. Chambers’ company has Rusty’s wire and Rusty wants Evan to find out what they are doing with it.

Episode 10- The ending:(

Episode 4×10: “Legacy”

TOUR GUIDE: It appears there is a very elaborate plan between all the characters of the show to break into Laskerplex for some reason that is not known to us. The tour guide is taking Casey, Evan and some other people around when Ashleigh, Calvin, Rebecca, Heath, Beaver, Dale, Cappie, Rusty and Peter all show up at different parts of this plan to execute it so Rusty can get into the exective wing with Ashleigh. There is a brief convo between Ashleigh and Calvin about how Rusty really likes Ashleigh but they aren’t a couple. It appears throughout the sides that Casey and Evan are unaware of the plan and Casey is surprised when she sees people like Ashleigh and Cappie just showing up while she is on this tour.
LASKER’S ASSISTANT: This is just a couple of lines at the very end of the side where Ashleigh tells the assistant that Mr. Parkes wants to see him immediately and the assistant leaves the room leaving Ashleigh alone.

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