New Video contest

Aaaron Hill who plays Beaver on Greek has created a contest for fans of the show to make some highlight videos of Greek.

Click here for info. I have no talent so I will be sitting this contest out. I have no creative side.

Since it has just been announced that this is officially the final chapter of Greek, I figured there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate and commemorate our four wonderful years than with a video “yearbook” of our time in “school”. I know I speak on behalf of the cast and crew when I say that that not only do we watch many of our fanvids, but we also appreciate them. Knowing that our work is admired by our fans makes working long hours worthwhile and going into work all the easier. I love knowing that somehow, somewhere out there, I may have brought a smile to the face of someone who needed a good laugh on a rough day. With all that said; I would love all of you fanvid makin’ experts out there, and even the newbies, to make a compilation of their favorite moments from all 4 seasons of Greek. There will be two winners, one for the best Greek moments video, and the other for the best of Beaver moments. OK, now down to some of the details:

The video should seem almost professional, have a nice arc that almost tells a short story, and be sure to include great music but don’t forget to include dialogue as well. Nadine, Youtube user Reely, has done a great job of this so I am including here a link to some of her work for an idea. Do your best to use scenes from all of the Greek seasons, not just a couple. As a general guideline, try to keep the videos under the 10 minute mark to avoid anyone losing interest, however you won’t be disqualified from the contest if yours runs a little longer. The deadline for submissions will be April 11, 2011; that will allow all of season 4 to have aired in the US so you’ll have it to add to your video. The contest is over two months long, so you have plenty of time to buy the show on dvds, download on itunes, visit hulu, or rent it on netflix etc. Completed videos should be uploaded to Youtube, so that your work can be seen by not just myself but all fans of the show. Once your video is up, become a Twitter follower of mine ( @GreekBeaver ) and tweet the link to me to bring it to my attention. Be prepared to prove that the video is your creation, please don’t attempt to steal anyone else’s work. Also, I’m not sure about any legal issues and copyrights, but I’d be sure to try and credit artists whose music you use in the videos as well as acknowledge the network whose footage you’re using. Winners will be chosen before May 1st by my close friends and family based on how well the guidelines were followed, and by just how well the video reminds us of all the laughs, tears and awesomeness that Greek was. Winners will have their video links posted to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as have permanent links with name credits published on my website for other fans to check out indefinitely. Also, winners will be receiving a piece of Greek memorabilia at my discretion from my private collection. These items may include KT or CRU t-shirts/wardrobe worn on the show, gifts given to the cast/crew, scripts, props, etc. I will also send a signed personal letter of thanks for your work and support. I will be contacting all contestants solely through Twitter direct messages to obtain names, addresses, etc of the winners. I will do my best to ship internationally if possible, but may have to determine an alternative if the winner is abroad and not easily reachable. This is an unofficial contest, in no way affiliated with ABCFamily, not subject to contest laws or rules, and conducted solely by me for the purpose of fan involvement and entertainment. Thank you all in advance for your submissions, let the contest begin!

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