Live Blogging. Season 4, Episode 7


Rebecca, Ash and Casey talk. Toilet paper kleenex. Casey tells Rebecca she is right. She deserves better. She does.

Ash and Casey talk Sex in the city. Never liked that show. They make up and now Ash might be nice to Cappie. Casey not happy that Ash kissed Rusty. They discuss. Casey tells Ash to be sure about Rusty. She must protect him.

Rebecca dumps Evan to the curb. Evan apologizes and tries to blame her? Now that is classic asshat guy. ” You can still trust me” It’s to late. Even Casey thinks so. Evan is not happy. Next week will be no holds barred

Cappie and Rusty do beer pong. Rusty and Ash talk kiss. Ash lies she is into Simon for Casey. “Just one of those things” She apologizes.

Casey kisses Cappie. Kissing. Evan threatens Casey. Cappie should have kicked his ass.

Birthday cake. Umm left at home. Fruit cake.

Dobblers boss shows up. Bye job Ashleigh:)



Walk to Dobblers. Scene from Gremlins! Calvin lectures. He just wanted one night where everyone was nice, awwww. Christmas/Birthday carols. Cute

They don’t give waitresses keys to

Is he dead? Nope Cappie is alive! Cappie and Evan get along??

Casey and Rebecca talk. Talk curse. “worn out franchise” Speak for your own relationship Becks. Cappie will be with Casey. Not sure what this talk is

They all drink old drink. Rusty doesn’t. Everyone coughs. Taste like feet. Talk the past. Cappie being Cappie. You are no Evan my friend.

They lay a game of truth or kiss someone.

Calvin kisses Rebecca. Awww. Nope. Still gay HA

Nice try Dale.

Cappie and Evan kiss. um no.

Whose the better in the sack. Cappie or Evan. Rebecca says Cappie HA. Now that is my fave Rebecca line ever!!!!! Casey took to long to answer that question.

More Rusty ZzZzZzZzZZZZzzzzz

Rebecca confronts Evan. He calls it a stupid game and she asks why he won’t have sex with her. Evan loves law school more then Rebecca. Calls her needy in front of everyone.

Calvin “worst Birthday ever”

Wow Evan is a tool. That was just un-called for and mean spirited but then again that is Evan. He did that to Casey too.



Rusty under cloths. Roads are closed. No beer. Vanilla extract and tonic? Yuck. Calvin says go after Abby. (That’s her name)

Ashleigh and Profess and everyone talk about great girls. Meet Rebecca. The senator angel. He did not just call Rebecca dramatic. Evan is a fool.

Ashleigh tells Casey to introduce professor to Cappie to be a meanie and Casey defends Cappie.
That was a low blow Ashleigh you bitch. Casey defends him awwwww.

Abby and Rusty

Casey and Ash talk professor. More facebook stalking. Cappie wins again. Laura and Dale fight.

This episode is spastic tonight. I am lost.

Rebecca the party pooper. “consider this your present” Yuck a make it or break it commercial. This shows gets renewed and Greek doesn’t? Crappy TV


I know that guy in the t mobile commercial. I think that was Fischer with bleached blond hair.


Calvin, Ash and Heath talk beer. Heath is so cute:) Calvin is a romantic.

9.20: Katherine and Casey talk sex in only Katherine’s way of doing it.
Cappie talk. Katherine is still perfect. Gives Casey good advice to talk to mean Ash but she isn’t judgmental. She stays perfect in my eyes:)

Rebecca and Evan. Becks deserves better. Evan’s new name is clueless. They talk curse. Evan refuses to talk. Becks looks sad:(

Ash and Rusty. Ash invited the profess. Just to be a bitch. Love it.
Funny little girl and Laura. “At his apartment where he lives” LOL Classic again. Little girl wants Rusty. ooooooo Ash is jealous.

Pep talk for Casey. Cappie is too cute. Mean Ash walks away. Laura wants a tour. Dale blows off Cappie? Mean Dale. Friendly game of jenga” Casey stares at Ash.

Rusty and Calvin talk Ashleigh. Ash smiles. Rusty has become such the ladies man. Ash and Casey fight about Cappie. Facebook stalking. Why is she kissing that old guy HA.


9.07: Court class. Katherine knows all. Law school curse. Thank Ashleigh Casey HA. Casey talks to clueless Evan. Evan is such a tool. Wife and Husband fight. I wouldn’t worry about curse Casey you haven’t been

Rusty and Dale talk Casey. Talk snow. Funny little girl talks.

9.10- Dobblers. Ash and the Profess. More Casey talk. Burry the hatchet. GOOD IDEA. Cappie see’s the profess. Ash is mean again. 😦 Cappie plays it cool and this is why I love him. He doesn’t have to be nice to Ash since she is being mean to him for NO REASON!

Casey and Rebecca talk. Scene been seen. Poor Becks. Um yea he slept with you? Classic.

I don’t like mean Ashleigh. Ashleigh figures out they are back together and Ash be’s mean again? WTF? Ash is not bitter. ?????? I don’t get this? She says something about not being friends with Casey because she is back with Cappie. Don’t get it and I don
t like not loving Ashleigh.

Nice lip stick Rusty. Yay Heath:)


9.00 PM:

Rusty, Ashleigh and Dale discuss party. Calvin turns 21! Yes no clue who Ross and Gunther are. Rusty lectures. Ash will buy crappy streamers. Casey Talk. (I love Calvin where was my invite???) Rusty and Ash……Sleep time


YAY!!!!!! First snow in 50 years (Right OHIO has snow people) Casey misses Ash. (Color me badd reference aww I loved them) Casey tells Cappie Ash said mean things but wouldn’t tell him what. Cappie guesses. I was too busy being happy they are back together to notice much else. I hope the DVR works tonight,.


Mean Ashleigh:(
Kissing C and C

A walks like the blind girl. Just sayin:)
3 minutes:)

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