Rebecca’s line of the Century

On Monday nights episode Rebecca had a line that I just can’t get out of my head. I have watched it literally 50 times and every time I watch it I get tears in my eyes laughing so hard.

It seems my favorite line of all time is changing by the episodes of Greek this year and this line just over took (or at least tied) Cappie’s line of “It’s what the people want” from last weeks episode.

Watch the above video at 36 seconds in. If you watch this show then you understand why the line is so funny. If you love the character Rebecca then this line is your favorite line of the Century.

The only issue I have is with the directing of this scene. (no offense director) You can’t really tell if Evan or Cappie or Casey saw Rebecca mouth the words ” No I’m not” I get the impression Cappie saw her say it because he puts his hand on his mouth. Casey is sitting right next to him so I think she saw Rebecca but I really want to know if Evan saw her say that. It seems like his head is turned the wrong way which means he didn’t see it and that is such a travesty if he didn’t. If anyone deserved to see that line be said it’s jerk Evan.

This is one of those scenes where all angles should have been covered. They should just go from one actor to the next showing their reaction to make me

Anyway the way Dilshad delivered the line deserves some kudos. She killed it with her expression. I am going to miss this show when it ends in 3 weeks:(

I also think Casey took to long to answer Rebecca’s question. Her concern should have been Cappie not Evan.

If yiu want to see just the line I uploaded it to youtube myself. Now that I figured out how to do this I plan on doing more of my favorite Cappie and Casey moments.

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