Season 4, Episode 7 random thoughts

I am on vacation with tonz of time on my hands (I even did all my Laundry already) so I have nothing better to do then watch random episodes of Greek on you tube til 3 am in the morning. You guys are the lucky recipients of my random thoughts and opinions. Aren’t you lucky:) (I am even starting to talk like Ashleigh did in this episode. No more coca cola for me at 11 pm:)

:Cappie and Casey are back together and Evan is back to being a jerk. Remember Evan was over all of this before but now that Cappie and Casey are back together Evan has this chip on his shoulder that needs to be smacked off by a 18 wheeler sometime soon because he is getting on my last nerve.

: How proud was I of Casey Cartwright when she stuck up for Cappie when Ashleigh tried to put him down? She made me mad later on in the episode when she waited to answer that question about who was better in the sack Evan or Cappie but when she said “I love his youthful exuberance” I literally clapped. Then the professor said something nice and Ashleigh got knocked off her nasty pedestal. HA Take that mean Ashleigh.

: Speaking of Ashleigh’s nasty pedestal. OMG enough already. She sure is one jealous A type personality isn’t she? I still love Ashleigh but the crap on Cap attitude of Greek’s 4th season is just wrong. The character Cappie is never mean to anyone. He is always there for everyone. He defends his friends. He is like a crime fighter with out the cape. Why is everyone being so mean to him?

: Casey defended Cappie and Evan throws Rebecca under the bus and says she is a drama queen? Wow. Evan has always been a jerk but he has never been mean just for the sake of being mean. Scratch that. He’s Evan he has always been a selfish ass. I love Rebecca.

: They showed a preview for next weeks Greek at the end of Monday nights episode that I can’t find anywhere. ABC Family doesn’t have it. Youtube doesn’t have it. No one has it and I don’t remember the wording so I am starting to think it sounded worse then it did. They really aren’t going to go the Evan wants Casey route again are they? I also noticed that Rebecca gave Cappie some looks during this episode. Oh Greek would not ruin this for us Cappie and Casey fans by pulling the old switcharoo would they? I’m scared.

: I read an article with quotes from the creator that this season was kind of going to be like the movie St Elmos Fire. Well that is one of my favorite movies and I remember the end like I watched it yesterday (Which I did because it was on Showtime:) but the characters of Alec and Leslie did not end up together in the end. Ally Sheedy said she needed to live her life without any miracles for awhile and Greek so better not do that to Cappie and Casey. (With Evan being the Andrew Mcarthy character)

: No there was not any Rum in my coke that I had an hour ago:)

:Name dropping Evan? Really? Really? Then no concern for your girlfriend after she walked away?

: I like the professor. I think he is sweet and cute and I like him with Ashleigh. I can’t believe how rude everyone was about not wanting him to go to Dobblers. Then again he is the smart one unlike the two law students that saw nothing wrong with breaking into a bar and drinking all their alcohol for which they did not pay a dime. Not the smartest law students in the law school are we Casey and Evan?

: I have to reiterate just how proud I was of Casey for sticking up for Cappie when Ash tried to put him down. (More clapping) The moving of the head was awesome.

: Dale was adorable in this episode I must say. I like Laura but she deserves to be treated this way. God knows she treated him this way enough.

: The scene where Ashleigh tries to get Simon to go to Dobblers is flipping hilarious. From Cappie waving his hands from side to side saying Maybe to Evans ass kissing to Caseys’ Is this spreading” I was dying watching this. The comedy this season has been A plus even if the drama has been a(n) capital ” F ”

: Gremlins is another favorite movie of mine. Arm and arm Cappie and Casey, AWWWWW. The rest is in my live blogging.

: Rebecca “blissfully happy” ha another Rebecca funny.

: More crap on Cap. This time Evan. More Evan and Casey past talk scares meeeee:( (He picked a major. Two thumbs up for adorable Cappie:)

: Calvin, Nah still gay. Covered that in my live blogging.

: Kiss and tell was dramatic. What is the square root of chi kappa si? or whatever he called it. When Casey called Dale sweetheart I said awwww.

: Evan and Cappie kissing was just so wrong. The only Jack ass is you Evan. Yes covered that in live blogging.

: I will say Evan gurgling was just adorable. About the only thing he did all night that I didn’t want to smack him for.

: Now the best line ever something else I already covered but I will cover it again because Rebecca is just about the second best thing about this show. She has really been under used this year.

I wish I could come up with something different to say about how freaking hilarious it was when she mouthed the words ” No I’m not” and looked right at Cappie and Casey. I am sorry but that has to be. Hands down the best written words to ever come out of anyone mouth ever on this show. “It’s what the people want ” maybe rings truer (Cappie is a fictional character. No one knows how good in bed he yes I just said that) but that line is my favorite.

: Could Scott’s face be any more red after that Notice how serious Rebecca was when she made that comment. Oh yes Capsey fan scared ****less

I must say that about the only thing that wouldn’t make me pull a Lost and boycott buying the DVD set of this whole show besides a Cappie and Casey happy ending would be if Cappie ended up with Rebecca instead. Don’t get me wrong I want Cappie with Casey but I do still love Becks.

: “I’m not going to answer that” and Casey is back to being the bitch she always is. You pick the boyfriend quickly when he is sitting right next to you Casey. Unless you’re

: Casey just totally embarrassed poor Cappie taking so long but like the perfect boyfriend he is he doesn’t call her out on it. Really Casey. All my goodwill towards Casey gone in the flash of a second:(

: Ashleigh always has a good answer when she is negative about the Cappie and Casey relationship doesn’t she? I think she is jealous that she never had that type of real love in College and this has always been something she is bitter about. I buy her explanation but I don’t think it excuses the way she treated Cappie. I really wish they would have her apologize to Cappie for the way she has treated him over the years. Just once would go a long way in my book. I really do hate not loving Ashleigh. She was my second favorite character on this show before I started watching the repeats. I feel almost guilty feeling negative towards her. I find myself defending her then feeling guilty for defending her because she really doesn’t deserve it.

Oh to over analyze while over dosing on coca cola at 1 am in the I feel like I am coming down from my caffeine high and the mood of the blog is falling fast with me. I swear there was no rum in my coke:)

I think I am going to stop and go to sleep. Anyone that actually reads this is going to think I am either crazy or mentally


I read a comment on youtube about the kiss Cappie gave Casey in this episode and I have to agree when the person said this kiss looked like Scott real girlfriend was on the set that day. No passion. No movement. What a waste.


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