I found a Cappie flaw

Yes, I am as surprised as you that I actually came up with a flaw for the ever adorable Cappie (no last name needed) but I was watching the episode 3 from season 3 and I found something pretty annoying about Cappie.

The boy is stubborn. I have noticed he is stubborn before but after watching a few season 3 episodes before Cappie got back together with Casey he did something that actually annoyed me.

First of all he had the KTT lavalier in his draw. That didn’t annoy me but when he told Rusty that it “just wasn’t meant to be ” for him I actually yelled at the computer “yes it is” He knows it is to he is just being (the word of the day) stubborn.

I was and still am all for Casey being the one miserable for awhile but I never realized just how many episodes (not to mention a whole freaking hiatus) it was between the end of the world party and the Wish Pretzel. (The number is 8 if you are counting with me. The Wish Pretzel would be episode 9)

By season 3 I was watching full time and for it to take 8 episodes for Cappie to wake up is appalling. Casey put him through like 44 episodes of hell so I guess 8 isn’t that long in comparison but on this Friday night it seems like these 8 episodes is more like 144.

Random thought of the night:)


Wait. I found another flaw. This is a guy flaw though. Why is it guys just get over girls? Cappie loves Casey yet he has no problem chasing after Lana. Even though he knows full well where his heart is. I guess this is a human nature thing not just a guy thing because Casey had no problem doing the same thing. Aw Cappie I used to think you were above the normal guy thing. Like a perfect doesn’t exist in the real world man but after tonight I am starting to realize your the same as everyone else (eeek:)

The scene I am watching is the one from Down on your luck where Cappie and Evan are taking a break from their catering job. Evan is complaining about money and Cappie is giving him the speech about working for what you want. He then mentions how hard he is working for Lana’s phone number and right after he says ” I am still fighting ” he gives his Casey look which means he is thinking about Casey.
Yet still chasing after Lana! ????


Now I am watching Lost and Founders. Cappie is starting to wake up a little here now that Evan is friends with Casey again. When he says it doesn’t bother him it so bothers him yet still chasing after Lana. Okay so maybe he is trying to talk himself out of being in love but it doesn’t work that way flawed boy wonder. The illusion of perfection is gone just like that:)


I forgot for a second that I actually liked Lana. (Watching “fight the power” now. )She was funny. The stuff with Rusty after he saw her naked was cute. Come to think of it I have liked all of Cappie’s girlfriends on this show. Except Mary Elise.

Same episode and I am in shock. The immature guy thing by ignoring her til she gets the hint? Cappie? Et tu I think I am going to cry. 3 flaws. Whats next? will I understand where Casey is coming from? Game change-ga? ( 2 am again:)

“You see yourself reflected in her and you don’t like what you see” HA Rusty was way off on the Cappie is in love with Lana thing though. Even the master can have an off day I suppose.

And Cappie redeems himself with flying colors. A boy will do stupid things when heart broken. Don’t we all.:) awwww

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