Live blogging. Season 4, episode 8

Okay so this episode had it’s charm (Cappie, Rebecca, Ashleigh, Rusty, Calvin and Dale) and its asshole (Evan and Tripp and the leprechaun) but I have to watch it again to see what I really feel.

Not enough Cappie and Casey by any means. (none in the preview for next week:( Its all over in 2 weeks and I want to cry:(


Casey lectured by the professor. Closing argument time. Cappie gives a thumbs up. Casey’s closing argument. Has merit even if its crapola.

Omega Chi. Tripp has been messing with Dale. 😦 Tripp gets punched. GO DALEY!!!!!

Court. Professor rules for evil corp. ‘Saying things you don’t believe will make you a good lawyer. Hugs!!! Cappies leaves:(

The professor kisses Ash. Meet later? Professor says no? I see a break up. Oh no the professor is a douche bag:( OMG. By professor.

Cappie and the C.I.A- lol. C.I.A guy is funny. Cappie is bright. This was a test. Tell no one was implied. Aww no job for Cappie. Don’t worry Cap. You are too hot for the C.I.A

Dale is depressed:( False God. It’s gotta be Evan that is screwing with KTT’s. Simon and Ash are over. He was an ass. Out of no where.


I just spent the last 9 minutes with my hands over my mouth. This has quickly turned from a hated episode to a loved one. OMG, Hand over So many great moments tonight. Now I want Evan punched out. Casey better tell Cappie what went on. This needs to go down!


No water fountain. This isn’t Evan smirk, wipe it off please. Come on Casey. Evan never has had any loyalty. Don’t let me down Casey. OMG Thank you Casey. I am back to loving Take that Evan. OMG she had me I literally screamed. OMG

Zbz stuff. Dancing. Dale doesn’t believe Rusty and Calvin

Cappie and Ash discuss Simon and the C.I.A. Cappie be nice. “Instant family” Cappie gives Casey great advice. Cappie is concerned for Ashleigh, awww:)

Court drama. Casey will make a good lawyer. Sell out.

Casey takes the stand. Evan be’s an ass. He looked at Cappie before he did it. Cappie Sorry Evan is technically right here. Casey did do that.

Tom Cruise movie dance by the Omega Chi. Dale moons the crowd by himself. Oh Daley. Tripp needs to go down. Aw Daley. Laura defends Dale. Aww. Calvin and Rusty join in. ONG so cute. I LOVE Calvin.



Cappie and Ashleigh shop? Okay. Yay judge Casey shows up. Pretty, classy

Rebecca is on a mission. Go Becks! The leprechaun. Ooompa Loompa’s HA. The leprechaun slips. OMG HA, LMAO ” I burned your house down once I can do it again” OMG Classic Rebecca lines this season.

The trial. Katherine will be a great lawyer. Katherine wants to be a CEO. Evan needs that smirk wiped off his face. Guess Katherine won’t be a great lawyer. Casey takes over.

Rusty, Calvin. Becks is here. Tells them they are messing with Dale to get back at Rusty for spring break. The gnome. lol I am sorry but Dilshad’s comedic talents are under used on this show. I hate this episode so far except the Rebecca stuff. It’s something sad if I am enjoying the Rusty stuff more then the

Is it me or is this show ignoring Cappie and Casey on purpose? It seems to me all season has been missing them:(



Casey and Katherine discuss man parts. Next: Casey tells Katherine she slipped to Evan her argument. Casey is not a shark. Shark would ” tear him limb from limb.” Ha

Pop tarts with Dale. No finger prints with finger less gloves HA. The pledge book. Umm yes 21 minutes in no Cappie Casey:( Evan or Tripp are so the bad guys in this. Someone is after ZBZ as well at KTT. Hey maybe it’s

Ash and the Pro-fess discuss marketing. He paid her bill. Awww she is a kept women. Dinner at prospect house.

I like Rebecca with Rusty too. Rebecca has chemistry with everyone. Rebecca Logan is back.

Diamond down the garbage disposal? Ahh

Casey vs Evan. The profess is here. ZzZzZz. Teams are switching sides. Casey must be the bad guy now. ooooooo.

OMG I have always wanted someone to smack Casey. I LOVE Katherine. LMAO

27 minutes in and no Cappie and Casey. Dear writers you are clueless to why I watch this show???? well partly watch:)



Non dim whitted. Non preppy. Daley is accused. No book club? Cappie likes the Bronte sisters. Ashleigh and Cappie hanging out?

Rebecca you are too good for him. Stop crying over Evan. “Final touches only” Yep President she is. Casey shows up, blames Casey. Not fair.

God Casey make me hate you more. “Evan is not a good guy” He is going to throw the book at her in mock trial.

Bonding Cappie and Ashleigh, awwww. Job the J word. Wow Amber Stevens is even gorgeous with next to no make up on. So unfair. Cappie off to the C.I.A. Ash off to her old teacher. The cheeserito commercials. Now I get why they exist. Could have spent that money on an 11th episode of Greek ABC Family.

Rusty and Daley and Calvin and the leprechaun.

Casey and Evan talk. God Casey you are so dumb. He still wants you. Casey concerned about Evan but never Cappie, urgh. Evan says he misses Rebecca. I am calling BULL SHIT! Casey just told the other lawyer her game plan? He is using that against you. HA I was right. I actually like this Evan. Well anyone that gives it to Casey gets a bonus point from me.

17 minutes in and no Cappie and Casey together? Booo. At least I got Ash and Cappie.:)


9 PM. Only 3 episodes left:(

Law class. Casey and Evan discuss-ish. Hidden meanings in their comments. If Casey ends up apologizing to Evan I will smack her. Casey and Katherine on the good side. Evan on the bad. OMG she apologizes. What a dumbass. Everything he has done and she apologizes?

KTG even though they call themselves KTT. Pledge spidey kind of looks like Hannah Montana in that

The Asian in the basement. LMAO Beaver strikes again. Joshus Whopper failing? tsk tsk

I have come to the conclusion that maybe Evan is the one turning in all the KT’s. It seems like it should be Dale but Evan after his speech about being over it makes sense to me.


8.41: OMG I love my Red Sox. A fight and our pitchers are the ones trying to kick Beckett and Lackey rock!

Watching an old Red Sox game waiting for Greek. Hey they just showed a highlight from the Yankees losing and Aaron Hill just hit a homerun for Who knew Beaver played baseball:)

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