New Season Finale Spoilers. Something doesn’t make sense?

I am starting to get that un-easy feeling in the pit of my stomach I had a month ago. Below is a link to an article on the finale and one of the sentences in the article is making my headache worse then it has been for the last 6 hours.

Here is a link to the article

and here is the sentence that makes me wonder WTf?? Is Casey going to try and help Evan screw the Kappa Tau over and get their house taken away?

when Casey and Evan are pitted against the KTs in a fight for their fraternity house.

If you want to call them that.

Question: Got any scoop on the March 7 series finale of Greek?! —@TurboMeg via Twitter
Ausiello: Stock up on Puffs Plus Lotion (with the scent of Vicks) ’cause you’re going to be bawling till your tear ducts dry out and your nose falls off. I screened the episode over the weekend and I have to give props to the creative team for ending on an emotionally satisfying high note. Highlights: There’s one (or is it two?) long overdue hookup, a pitch perfect bookend-y scene between sibs Rusty and Casey, and an answer to one of the show’s biggest mysteries: What the hell is Cappie’s real name? (If you guessed ******* **** **** *****, congrats, you were right!)

Lets discuss. Two hook ups? My guess Laura and Dale and Ashleigh and Rusty. Like we didn’t see that coming.

As for Cappie’s name IMO It has to be Capital. Makes sense his nick name would be Cappie. The rest I am clueless oh and no mention of Casey and Cappie makes me 😦

Question: Will Frannie appear on Greek before the show ends? —Amy
Ausiello: Yes, the witch (played once again by Tiffany Dupont) touches down in the penultimate episode on Feb. 28 and immediately extends an olive branch to her still-steaming-mad ZBZ sisters. And this particular olive branch has a name: Justin Bieber. (BTW, Cappie’s reaction to seeing Frannie again is priceless.)

This we already knew and we saw Cappie’s reaction in the preview after last weeks episode.

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