The Future of this blog

The show ends in two episodes. As sad as that makes me I want you to know what I have planned for the future of this blog.

First I need a happy Cappie and Casey ending. If I don’t get a happy ending I probably won’t continue with what I have planned.

I have purposely waited to buy the DVD’s of Greek so that I know I will enjoy them forever. That is based on a happy ending for my favorite couple. If Greek ends the way Lost ended I won’t be a happy camper and I will be saving myself 100 bucks by not buying the DVD’s.

So if the show ends happy I have a lot planned for this blog in the future.

I will continue to update you on what the cast is up to acting wise. I have come to love the actors of the show as much as the characters. My favorites have to be Dilshad Vadsaria and Amber Stevens. These two come across as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and you rarely see that in Hollywood these days.

If both of them don’t become huge Hollywood success stories then Hollywood just doesn’t deserve to exist.

My plans for the show itself are as followed.

After I get my happy ending I plan on doing episode guides. My major plan is to do episode guides for each character and each couples that I have loved on the show. So if you are a Cappie and Casey fan and you want to know when a certain scene took place I plan on having that all here.

If free websites existed anymore (at least ones like geocities had a few years back) I would be doing this at one of those but I can’t find one that works for me.

So even when the show ends. Even if I never get another hit at this blog my plan is to create the ultimate place for those that want to learn about Greek. Doesn’t matter if the year is 2017 and you used to watch the show and you want to reminisce about a show you used to love or if you are a new fan that rented the DVD’s from the library and you want to skip over all the Rusty stuff to find the Cappie and Casey stuff this will be the place for you:)

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