More Spoilers

Apparently my internet stalking is not as good as it could I found some more spoilers for the next episode but these have been around awhile.

The link to the page where the spoilers came from

and the spoilers are…

SIDE 1: Evan is giving Calvin a pep talk about not letting the Trips of the world get away with stuff and tackling them head on. Calvin turns it around on him and they talk about how Rusty asked Evan for help – apparently Mr. Chambers has his wire for whatever reason, but Evan doesn’t wanna talk to his parents. Sounds like someone is trying to get the KT house torn down, because the boys are talking to an inspector, trying to convince him that it’s a historical landmark, so he can’t.

SIDE 2: In the ZBZ National Headquarters in Florida, the National Council are reading off the finalists for something. The secretary is reading off the chapters, and at the end says in confusion “where the hell is Cyprus Rhodes?’, but I can’t tell if the secretary is just surprised to see their name and has never heard of it, or if they expect them to be on the list, and they’re not that.

SIDE 3: The OX brothers/pledges are turning on Trip, all agreeing that Dale is a good, funny guy, and they shouldn’t have kicked him out the way he did. Then Evan is looking at old pictures in his childhood room, and Rusty walks in. Evan says he shouldn’t have let his emotions get in the way, like any good lawyer instead of caring about his parents, and Rusty says ‘and Rebecca.’

SIDE 4: Mary Beth, part of the ZBZ council from Side 2, is at the ZBZ house now. Frannie, Casey and Rebecca are there too. Talk of this Justin Bieber concert. Rebecca mentions to Casey that Frannie made all of that happen, and Casey seems like she’s gonna suck it up and say something to her. Cuts to the ZBZ house at night. The concert is over and most people have left. Frannie’s about to go, seems her and Casey got into a fight after Casey called her a big liar. Frannie realizes she’s an assistant with the CAA, she doesn’t care.

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