Live Blogging. Season 4 Episode 9:(

Sorry live blogging is over. The computer won’t save anything I write and it is making me mad.

I will do a write up tomorrow.

SO sorry for anyone actually reading. I am going to watch the rest of this is blog silence:(


9.46″ Technical difficulties at the worst possible time.

Frannie the bitch just insults Cappie and Casey says NOTHING! Urg she pisses me off.

Rusty had a conversation with Evan and he mentioned Rebecca (Evan said something about putting personal relationships before professional) and the look says Evan meant Casey not Rebecca when he made that comment.

Bieber concert. It is really Spidy.



Evan and parents talk wire. Not a friendly visit. Dad not happy. OMG you people should have contacted Evan. He’s the kid.

Casey, Frannie and Ash talk boys. Not with Evan. CAPPIE. Frannie says great but she doesn’t mean it. Slept way to top. HA. That was a joke. Frannie says she is a different person. Casey is too. Frannie misses Casey MY ASS! Ash is back. “Beer in bottle instead”

Daley!!!! Calvin visits. Dale is sad:( Calvin says what about Mrs Kettleweel and Dale says Laura is not a possibility” Dale still likes Laura, awwwwww.

Evan and dad talk. Rusty too. I am sleeping:) They will talk business. Dad says we buy plenty of crap. “Personal relationships always take a back seat to professional” Dad gives the ” we are the parents” Dad knows how Evan is doing. Dad knows all!

Lasker will save the house. Cappie says his girlfriend gets straight A’s. Off to the sorority. FINALLY!

ZBZ house.Rebecca yells at poodle. Rebecca tells off Frannie. I love Rebecca. Everyone yells at Frannie. Casey is such a hypocrite. Yay it’s Francine:) (ZBZ Lady) Bieber cancelled. I missed it all. My computer is going crazy. Still waiting for Cappie and Casey????



Laura is biting her nails out of nervousness. LMAO Ash calls out Frannie for trying to get her suspended. Frannie works for a talent agency. Casey calls out Frannie. Frannie being Frannie. Anyone bet Frannie is like a coffee girl for this talent agency and Bieber is STUPID!

Calvin and Evan talk about what happened to Dale. Calvin is going to quit. Evan says make the difference you always talk about making. Evan is right. First time for

KTT house needs repair. We knew that. Lasker Parks. OOO Maybe he is the guy trying to get the place closed???? That look from Spidey tells me is the guy trying to get the house closed.

Frannie and Casey talk , stuff. Casey and Frannie talk….. Lets go to Doblers. Casey says no. Frannie says she’s changed. Ashleigh comes in and I missed what happened. Day dreaming.

Evan and Rusty visit parents. ” You are lex luther” HA. Evan says ” I heard that” Another ha.

Evan talks to his mom. Introduces Rusty. Yes he is Casey’s brother not Stacey lol



Beaver gets a piece of wood stuck in his pants. Cappie is already on thin ice. You get no money to fix the house. “Who is messing with us” Speedy comes in. Right on que? “Creates terrible things like jerks like Evan” ha

Casey and Ashleigh talk Golden lily. (best chapter in the nation) That is an ugly shirt Casey and why are you wearing it with yellow? Casey overreacting? Nooooo:)

Tripp and Calvin “You’ve been avoiding me. Ha . Tripp is President, booo Yay Calvin push that ugly red headed step child. Calvin threatens to quit.

Evan and Rusty ZzZzZzzzzz. Really Rusty this was a lame idea asking Evan to help you. He has no reason to help you.

ZBZ meeting. Rebecca the dictator. I love Rebecca when being a Why is Rebecca always dressed in dark colors. She is not evil. Casey is also a dictator yet she isn’t in charge so who cares.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It’s Frannie. She has the prettiest hair. Always has.


9.00: ZBZ People. OMG it’s whats her face from Scarecrow and Mrs King:) and A BC mention.

ZBZ is a finalist for the golden lily. Rebecca hates being the underdog. Get flowers. No eating. Rebecca is so awesome:)

Th KT house. Breaking a bed. “Please don’t be her” ha. An LOL for Rusty. I think this show is trying too hard to be funny and light hearted.


8.56: 4 minutes:) OMG House just made me say awwww. That was sweet., Too bad she is going to break his heart next week. You can just tell she is:(

8.48 : Have a bad feeling nothing good will come out of tonight’s episode concerning Cappie and Casey ( I have a bad feeling a big blow up will happen) but super excited to see Rebecca finally be featured in an episode.


Bitter sweet for me. So excited for a new episode. So sad for the almost end:(

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2 Responses to Live Blogging. Season 4 Episode 9:(

  1. Lisabeth says:

    I really hope nothing bad happens between Casey & Cappie… I hope they get engaged on the last episode… (the words ‘last episode’ makes me so sad!)

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Lisabeth. I hope you are right. I can’t see us not getting a happy ending. They just better:)

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