Re-thinking everything I believed

Tonight’s episode (episode 9) was kind of the last straw for me. Okay so it was the last straw until the preview for next weeks Greek but I realized something tonight. Something I have actually known for awhile,


That’s right. I said it and I really mean it right now. Tonight she just annoyed me to the point that I don’t think I want her with Cappie anymore. She doesn’t deserve him.

How do you never stand up for the guy you supposedly love? Why is it every time someone insults him you sit there and say exactly NOTHING.

If Frannie had made that comment about me being with my boyfriend while he stood 3 feet away from me all hell would have broken lose. I certainly would not have stood there with that dumb look on my face and there is no way in hell I would have told her to send me an e-mail in a lets be friends moment. OMG

In the entire 4 seasons of Greek Casey has defended Cappie twice. TWICE she has stood up for him. Once was with Max and once was 2 weeks ago when Ashleigh tried to embarrass her in front of professor Segal.

I have come to realize that my fandom for Cappie and Casey is 100% based on the sad look Scott Michael Foster uses to show us all his character misses Casey. Yep if Scott wasn’t such an amazing actor I never would have fell for this dysfunctional relationship.

I think the reason I want Cappie and Casey together so badly is because I want Cappie to be happy. The character has been put through hell the last 4 years by Casey he just deserves to get the girl and drive off into the sunset.

I know I am wishy washy. By the time this show ends next week I will be back on the Capsey bandwagon but I honestly am having huge TV anxiety issues over this show ending.

Maybe I am trying to prepare myself for the sad ending I have talked myself into believing will be fact by a week from tonight. Or maybe I am just tired. Or maybe I have finally admitted to myself that the big reason I watched this show week after week was a lie.
All that energy for no pay off kind of makes me mad.

Either way in less then a week it will all be over . For good or bad our hearts as fans are left in the hands of the creator or Greek and we have no choice in the matter.

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6 Responses to Re-thinking everything I believed

  1. Truth says:

    Lol, I totally get what you mean. Even though this show tries to make it seem like Casey’s too good for Cappie, that she’s more ambitious and he’s holding her back, I’ve always thought Cappie’s a better person than Casey will ever be. He’s unwaveringly loyal to Casey, his brothers and his friends, he’s a more forgiving, more accepting, kinder person and just an all around great guy. As much as I love this couple, I don’t really think Casey’s done anything yet to deserve his undying praise and affection.

    I also hate how everyone else on the show looks down on their relationship in a “why are you still with HIM” kinda way. He’s freaking Cappie! Why wouldn’t anyone wanna be with him. It would be nice to see Casey defend Cappie just once, but seeing as the show is ending next week, that will never happen. Still, I’ll always support them together because, like you said, Cappie deserves to be with someone that makes him happy.

  2. Thank you truth. I am so glad you understand what I mean. You said it better then I ever could but that is exactly how I feel.

    Everyone this year has but in some kind of dig at Cappie and that really drives me nuts about this show.

    Even Calvin put in a dig this year. Calvin is nice to everyone. (when he said he didn’t tell people that he didn’t have a major because he didn’t want people to think he was like Cappie)

    I feel so much better after reading your comments:)

  3. Truth says:

    Well I’m just glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

    And yeah, I totally realized that about the other characters really going after Cappie this season. I mean I expect it from Evan, but when even Ashleigh, Frannie and Calvin join in, then it makes me sad. It’s like, he’s made mistakes but he’s not this big screw up that people make him out to be. Frannie and Ashleigh were just uncessarily mean. Rusty is like the only person who seems to have some faith in Cappie.

  4. Ashleigh drove me nuts this season. I adore that character and when she was so mean to Cappie for no reason I was so mad. Like these people are my real life friends or

    I get antsy when the creator writes episodes. He loves to be mean to Cappie for some reason when he writes an episode and he writes the series finale. So does the guy who wrote the wish pretzel episode which gives me some hope.

    I still want them together I guess but Cappie, …. Cappie and Casey as a couple deserved so much more then they got this season. I feel they were ripped off. We were ripped off as fans.

    The only thing I enjoyed about tonight’s episode was some funny Rebecca stuff (she was a but mean spirited this episode) and surprisingly the Rusty and Evan stuff.

    Evan has been a jerk this season but you kind of understand why when you see how his parents are.

  5. Truth says:

    Lol, I’ve gotten so attatched to these characters, it’s insane.

    And yeah, Ashleigh’s sudden dislike for Cappie was just nuts. I’m glad they fixed that because they make adorable friends and also it’s good for Cappie to have Casey’s best friend on his side.

    I thought last night’s episode was kind of a filler. I mean, not much happened that was really big except for the KT stuff, which was funny as always. Out of all the houses, I’ll miss the KTs the most. I just love them to death!

    I’m at least glad there’s some closure with Evan because I actually was starting to feel bad for him, and I don’t even like him that much! But it was like he’d lost everything except law school.

    I saw the commercial for the series finale and I have a good feeling. At the very least I think the writers know what the fans want, and will give it to us. It sucks that there hasn’t been as much Cappie and Casey as I would have liked, but I definitely enjoyed what we got. The playground scene was probably one of their cutest moments yet. I expect the end to be Cappie and Casey driving off into the sunset to spend the rest of their lives together. I mean they, and we, deserve that! 😀

  6. What Cappie said in the car in the promo made me smile. It just kept popping into my head all day at work. I was walking around with periodic smiles on my

    Now see I found the playground scene corny.

    I have a love/ hate relationship with Evan. This season he has been horrible. I have understood where he has been coming from in the past but once he got Wade, Ben Bennett and Jeremy expelled I stopped liking him altogether. I don’t mind him being mean to Casey. She is on my you know what list lately but what he said to Rebecca in front of the whole group was immature and so dis-respectful to Rebecca. You don’t do that when you are 23 to someone you love/loved.

    Thanks again for commenting. I am so glad to get this all out to someone who understands just how nutty I am about this silly little show:)

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