Greek mention and after the series finale with creator Smith

Link to the article

Here is a link to some pictures from the series finale.

There is also a small spoiler. Ashleigh and Cappie what????? and what message boards. I have seen nothing.

I’m on the verge of begging! Greek is almost done, and Evan and Rebecca just broke up! I have an idea where everyone else is going but what about these two? PLEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE! — Eli
I almost waited until you begged, but we’re running out of time here! (Sniffle) So instead, I’ll let creator Patrick Sean Smith give you a few clues as to how things end between the two. “I can’t help but read the message boards and people’s responses, and I know that they’re upset right now to see him be such a jerk and how harsh he was to Rebecca,” Smith tells me. “But I wanted to earn that dip to make this rise all the much more exciting, to be an adult and a grown up.” And if you love Greek so much, you’re going to love my post-mortem with Smith that’ll post here on EW’s InsideTV blog immediately after the finale. We talk about everything from Ashley and Cappies’ eyebrow-raising ending, to Rusty’s new…oh, that’s too good. Sorry. But trust me, it’s good.

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One Response to Greek mention and after the series finale with creator Smith

  1. Greek Fan says:

    Can you post a link to the greek thing online after the finale? Thanks.

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