My wishes for the last episode :( of Greek

The last episode of Greek is only a few days away and the thought is just to much for me to bear. It may only be a television show but I have been attached for several years and I hate losing something I look forward too. I don’t look forward to a lot but Greek was one of those shows I rarely if ever missed.

Below is a list of things I want to see happen on the last episode of Greek. Some are crazy. Some are just for fun and the number one reason should be easily well known to anyone that has ever read this blog:)

** Wade , Jeremy and Ben Bennett to show up at Cypress Rhodes to kick Evan’s ass. They never did get their pay back for what he did to get them expelled and the perfect opportunity is the only episode left.

** Rebecca to be happy. She is the poster child for the poor little rich girl and a lot of her issues are related to not feeling loved. Well besides the number 1 thing I want Rebecca being happy is a close second. She deserves it. Her character has grown up so much over the last 4 years and she deserves to be rewarded for that. Plus Dilshad is so nice to her fans she deserves some great scenes to end her time on Greek.

** I want. No I need a Cappie and Rebecca goodbye. Their relationship has been over for years but I seriously loved these two characters together and the lack of their friendship over the last few years has really saddened me. Rebecca has always treated Cappie like a human being and she has never been judgmental of him. Even when they broke up she was smart enough to know he was still in love with Casey but never used it against him. I really hope I get a Cappie and Rebecca moment to remember. I would like a few moments to remember but I will settle for a good bye to remember:)

** For Evan, Rusty and Cappie not to be friends. To much has been done and said on Evan’s part for this to end in a real friendship. Rusty and Cappie love their house and if they forgive Evan for what he did to get Wade, Jeremy and Ben Bennett expelled then that will be a huge disappointment to me.

** I don’t even know what I want to see happen to Ashleigh. I love this character so much and Amber is amazing and I just hope that Ashleigh gets a happy ending even if it is with Rusty.

** Some Calvin and Heath scenes. I’ll be happy with a scene where these two are together. I just adore Calvin (much like I adore Rebecca and Ashleigh when she is being nice to Cappie) and while I don’t have any specific thoughts on how his character should end I just hope he gets some air time.

** Casey to stand up for Cappie. The next person to make a negative comment about him needs to end with Casey getting up off her A.S.S and saying ” S.T.F.U people and leave my boyfriend alone!

** Evan to make amends. He owes so many people so many things especially Rebecca I just hope his character does the right thing in the end and supports the KT house. He owes Cappie for what he did to Wade, Jeremy and Ben Bennett and he needs to make amends for that. Jake Mcdorman must be an amazing actor to make me hate his character so much and those pretty blue eyes deserve some action in Monday nights episode:)

** I don’t want much for Rusty. I want a great ending moment with Casey and one with Cappie but what I most want from Rusty is to not see much of him at all. That would make my night:) Jacob is awesome and he has delivered some classic lines on Greek especially in season 4 but he had more then his air time in season 4 and I want to see others get as much air time.

** Casey oh Casey. I want you to defend your boyfriend. I want you to in a grand moment stand up to your professor and Evan and support the love of your life who has always supported you. I hope that the reason you have not defended Cappie much this season with so many people being jerks to him is that you have something big planned to make me love you again.

** I want Cappie to realize just how special he is. All the people that made fun of him this year need to be put in their places. Go out there and prove to the world of Greek that you have always been that much better then all of them.

Cappie and Casey

: I want some classic moments like the last scene in the wish pretzel that I can watch over and over again and never get bored with.

:I want Casey to realize just how lucky she is to have someone as loyal as Cappie.

: I want Cappie to realize that he doesn’t have to take any crap from anyone because he is a true individual. If someone doesn’t like you then to heck with them.

: I want a lot of Cappie and Casey moments. Classic moments. I want something to remember.

and last but not least……

I want my damn happy Cappie and Casey ending. Not ten years down the road in a flashback. Not after some kind of Evan and Casey moment. I just want Casey to realize that men like Cappie don’t come along on tree’s.

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4 Responses to My wishes for the last episode :( of Greek

  1. Indhu says:

    i always look forward to reading them! i’m going to miss them 😦

    there better be some good cappie and casey scenes on monday! these last few episodes were disappointing!

    thanks again for taking the time to blog while watching the show!!!

    AHHH. just one more episodeeeeeeee 😥

  2. Thanks Indhu. I am glad someone actually read them. I was thinking of not blogging the last episode but I will be doing it now:) Come back and comment .

    Thanks for your comments:)

  3. mike says:

    Um one correction on your list.
    Evan didn’t get Ben Bennet expelled.
    he got ferret expelled.
    Ben just kind of disappeared…

  4. Really? I could have sworn?


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