Greek Cast news

I got all this information off Twitter.


Tomorrow morning at 11.30 AM eastern time Scott Michael Foster and Amber Stevens will again be on MTV’s 10 on top. I won’t be home so hopefully someone will put it on youtube.


I watched it. They showed scenes we have already seen and the only new thing we learned was that Scott has a shrine with stuff from Greek that he kept like his characters license. Amber said something about watching the last episode and crying. Won’t we all Won’t we all:)


Scott Michael Foster will be guest starring on a few episodes of Melissa and Joey. This is a TV show starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence from TV shows in the 80’s ( Blossom and Sabrina the teenage witch) Melissa put a picture on online

Here is also a link to some information about the show


Someone made a website for Dilshad Vadsaria that she herself tweeted about on twitter. Looks like it has a lot of stuff there.


Remember Calvin’s boyfriend Grant on Greek? Well he has a twitter account @GregoryMichael


Last but certainly not least TV addict has some information about the last episode of Greek. Not much really but they seem to like the episode.


An old interview with Scott’s girlfriend Lauren Prepon about Neighbro’s. Ya I don’t think this type of show is for Gross out boy humor.

I posted the article because she talks about Scott quite a bit.

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