New Spoiler for series finale of Greek and

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Oh this better be taken out of context. If I ever meet the series creator he is getting a piece of my mind for this

My dear, dear friends at Spoiler Room, I am deeply saddened and nervous about the series (::crying sobs::) finale of the show Greek. Can you shed some insight as to what will happen? — TV Addict
I’m so excited for you to see this finale on March 7. But I don’t want to ruin it for you. It’s the LAST ONE, my dear Addict. Instead, I’ll give you this quote from creator Patrick Sean Smith regarding the big finale (Note: It could be kinda out of context…but I’m cruel that way.): “I always knew I didn’t want to end the series with them getting together because we’ve seen that too many times.” Reminder: The rest of our chat will be published here on here in ITV Monday after the finale airs!


I also found a picture of Spencer on her wedding day.


Amber Stevens gets a pilot

Greek alumna Amber Stevens has boarded Fox’s medical drama pilot Weekends at Bellevue. The project, from UMS, BermanBraun and Lisa Zwerling, centers on Ellie (Lauren Ambrose), the psychiatrist in charge of the weekend shift of Bellevue Hospital psychiatric unit. Stevens, repped by ICM and Red Baron, will play a fresh faced psychiatry intern. She will be seen in The Amazing Spider-Man.

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