I finally cried

I watched the last episode of Greek with only one tear in my eye. A quick rarely flowing tear when Rusty was crying but I found this interview with the series creator and that is when the tears started flowing.

Yes I am a nut but what Shawn said in this article made my night. everything I wanted to feel while watching the series finale and didn’t feel was said in this interview and for me it is just enough to know that the special moment I needed and didn’t get to see was exactly what the creator of the show meant to say.

Speaking of all the characters, let’s rewind a little bit and break down the stories. Let’s start with Cappie and Casey, obviously. I loved how they were embarking on this unplanned journey together, just going into the sunset. How did you come to that ending?
I always knew I didn’t want to end the series with them getting together because we’ve seen that too many times. So we definitely made the choice to get them sooner with the hopes that the astute audience would be like, “What, they’re getting them together now in the middle, and by the end they’re gonna break them up so they’re just getting them together to break them up again!” But for them, I like that uncertainty but the power in them being a couple to know that they’re gonna get through anything. I didn’t want to tie everything up too much. I like the power of this couple, as it is with anything in life, to say, “I have no idea what’s gonna happen next but as long as we’re together I know we can weather it.” So I love that for them because it’s kind of the spirit of their relationship through the series is, “We’re together, but we’re sorta not. As long as we’re in each other’s orbits, things as gonna be okay.”

How was it writing this ending for this couple for you?
I was good. It was fitting; it was emotional. I think the Rusty/Casey of it all got me a little bit deeper. ‘Cause that’s been so much of what the series has been to me was this brother/sister finding each other, so I loved that we could end it and avoid doing the flash forward to just say “And they got together!” But to just see in the last couple of episodes Cappie grow up and to see him be worthy of Casey and to see that he’s worthy of an adult relationship and one that’s kind of built to last — it meant the most to me. And we’re saying that they’re together but to spend the last couple episodes to show that they are gonna be okay together. That they’re gonna grow together.

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