Live Blogging for the last time:(


Cappie missed his test??? Bitch teacher says no. Cappie talks his way into I love him:)

one question

“Why” We all have a purpose. Our purpose is to figure out our purpose. He chose CRU because of Evan.

‘The love of my life who was my purpose”

Cappie’s real name is Captain Jon Paul something. Someone wrote that on a message

The butt chair fits!

Ash and Casey say goodbye. Rebecca’s turn.

Everyone says good bye and they leave. A crappy ending to a somewaht satisfying could have been so much more ending.

I’ll grasp and realize later if I am happy or sad or livid or I don’t know:(:)



Cappie and Casey talk at Dobblers. Evan shows up. They make nice (booo) Casey says no more law school (I called that) and she asks if she should go to Washington without a degree and Cappie says I’ll come with. Then we get the crappiest kiss EVER!!!!!! and Evan says “as it should be” to Cappie and Casey, awwww

Rusty and Ash kiss.


Casey/Rusty moment. Casey says nice things to her geeky little Move on and give me my Cappie Casey moment damn

Rebecca goes to talk to Evan. Evan be’s an ass. Rebecca asks a Q?

“Why did we not work out” Duh he still wants Casey but he says because of him. He put his hand through a wall. Rebecca leaves…

Cappie and the KT guys sit in the middle of rubble. “Greek ruins” Rusty gives a speech. The real world sucks because they make it suck” Well said but it was the generation before that Rusty.

“we can’t sleep in tents all winter. This is Ohio” LMAO

Ash and Casey talk. Casey tells Ash to go for Rusty.


Cappie and Casey talk. Cappie can graduate, awww. Yes he has grown up bitch Casey

Rebecca and Daley talk. I totally missed the conversation but I like them getting along. Laura makes me say awwwww:)

Cappie at the KT house. Its empty. He sighs, talks to spitter. I feel so neglected as a Cappier and Casey fan:(

Awww Rusty makes me tear up:( He is sad. Cappie reasures. the KT brothers show up. Have beer.
WADE!!!!!!!!!! Officer Huck feels bad, awww

Cappie gives a speech. Katherine too. LMAO this is where I lost my Lisa Lawson/ I was wondering who that Jen K. too

Lasker Parks shows up. Gets boooooooed.

Come on Casey. Don’t let me down.

Rusty gives a speech to Lasker. Still waiting on Casey.

Casey does me semi proud. Its Evans turn????? He does too. Lasker says tear it down anyway and they do:(


LMAO Spoiler alert for a movie 30 years

The guys talk how to save KT. Spidey is not to blame.

Judge Casey. Dumbass no conscious Evan or Casey for that matter.
OMG she has no loyalty to poor Cappie, Bitch.

That tour group looks Daley

Casey see’s Cappie but she doesn’t out him. Good job judge Casey.

LMAO Ash and Rebecca switch places. CLASSIC

OMG Casey sells out Cappie. Bitch. She was asked what she thinks the KT’s will do to save their house and she just told them everything. Cappie looks sad. I can’t believe you Casey but Cappie stays true by being the perfect guy and supporting her. This kills me about the character Casey. She has never been 100% behind Cappie for anything. She doesn’t deserve him.

9.07- Hard to type with tears in my eyes:(

Casey and Evan talk about destroying KT. Evan tells Casey to destroy her brother and boyfriend. NICE Evan NICE. Evan guilt’s her into thinking about her future in law. I am starting to hate you again Evan

Looks like Lasker might be in on it with the university. Ashleigh talks to Calvin and Rusty. Calvin picks accounting for his major.

“Happy couples make me sick” I love Rebecca. Rebecca is sad she couldn’t make it work with Evan and Cappie, awwww. LOL about Mathew Mcaughahey

CAPPIE, TV breaks. Casey comes in and tells them what Lasker is up to. OMG Cappie is freaking the perfect man. He totally lets Casey off the hook. OMG. It’s too bad he doesn’t exist in the real

9.00 P.M

I wanna cry:( It really didn’t just hit me until I saw the “what happened last week” really what happened the entire series:(

Rusty and Cappie talk.

Evan and Casey find out what the school is going to do to the KT house. Umm Casey real lawyers have some integrity. I think your law professors in the future will respect you taking a stand you believe in. At least the good ones

Watching House and Cuddy is having dreams because she is in the hospital. Any way her character had a dream like she was living in a 50’s sitcom and her daughter (who is 8 years old) Just got a 170 on her LSAT. My first Greek moment of the night is Rachel got a better score on her practice test then Casey:) I believe Casey got a 169.
I had major issues last week. Hopefully this week goes better. It’s the last episode of the series : (((((

Don’t forget the live chat tonight.

To start us off here are two Greek links.

The first one is a review of tonight’s episode WITH SPOILERS!

The second one is of the Greek ladies telling us what their favorite episode were.

Dilshad Vadsaria:
“It’s difficult to pick out my absolute favorite, because I have more than one. Maybe if I had to pick one, it would be the when Rebecca competes for the Greek Blue Ribbon [“Take Me Out”]. Audiences definitely saw the softer, more vulnerable side to her and that was very important to me. Then again, she did just tell Natalie that she’s burned down her house once and would do it again… how can you not absolutely love that?!

Amber Stevens:
“My favorite episode was ‘Friend or Foe,’ our season 3 mid-season finale. The ZBZ girls compete in Songfest, Rusty and Dale have a battle of the bots and ZBZ burns down the Gamma Psi house, oops! It’s just hilarious! I have such fond memories shooting this episode. The girls had 3 days of rehearsal for the dance and Olesya [Rulin] and I got to record our Greek version of ‘Good Girls Go Bad,’ ‘ZBZ Girls Go Bad.’ We had so much fun, and still to this day whenever we hear that song come on we all try to perform what we can remember of that dance!”

Spencer Grammer:
“I have to say the pilot was my favorite episode. Casey had such a reversal from the first moment you meet her with Rusty to the scene with Evan explaining how they were “even.” Casey was, and continued to be, a powerful and independent woman. The pool table scene was just so much fun to shoot, and turned out very sexy.

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