My thoughts moments after Greek ends

My very first thought after Greek ended was nothing.

I kind of feel like I am in shock. It’s over. It is really 100% over for good. I don’t know how to feel right now. My head is anything but clear.

I love Cappie and Casey and I wanted them together so badly. I was waiting the entire episode for that classic watch over and over again moment and it just never happened. Someone in the chat used the word ‘special” and I think that is a better word then classic. That special moment I wanted for Cappie and Casey will have to be relived through the third season episode the wish pretzel.

I don’t want to sound like I hated the episode. Or that I am really really disappointed because I am not. I just feel like something is totally missing.

That is how I feel now. I am making myself wait until tomorrow to re-watch the episode. Maybe I will feel differently then.

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2 Responses to My thoughts moments after Greek ends

  1. Marine says:

    First I need to say that I loved reading your live blogging and I am really going to miss that, among so many other things about this incredible show. No one I actually know watch it so it’s nice to have someone else’s feedback. But seriously, I thought this finale was flawless: I loved every single thing about it, it was still funny and yet so well wrapped up, every one got the end they deserved, and Cappie and Casey freaking DROVE INTO THE SUNSET ! *dies* *dies* *dies*

    I’ve seen too many shows that didn’t have a real finale, and I’m still bitter about it (Veronica Mars, I’m talking about you!). For Greek however, I felt like we had everything they could do for us, and I kind of wanted to scream “I LOVE YOUUU!” to the writers by the end of the episode (well, this and just sit and cry). I still can’t really realize that it is over (this morning, as I was looking for the promos of the next episodes of some shows I watch, I caught myself just about to look for Greek’s next promo, before I painfully realized we were not going to see anymore of them on TV), but at least I’m glad it ended on a good note and I can still look back at it and love without regrets this light-hearted TV show that has been SO amazing.

    And thank you so much for the links you posted, I loved reading every one of them (probably because I’m a little masochistic so I’m keeping my pain alive or whatever ^^), it is very nice of you to share those! 🙂 🙂

    (Sorry if my English is not so good, it’s not my native language)

  2. Marine your English is awesome and thank you SO much for coming and making a comment.

    I actually plan on writing an episode guide for different fans of the show (like if you are a Cappie fan you will know which episodes to watch or a Cappie/Casey fan or Rebecca/Cappie fan etc…)so this blog is not ending. I plan on keeping it updated with info about the cast.

    THANK YOU for reading. I wish I had started this blog earlier.

    I feel the same way. No one I know watched the show so I pretty much started this blog because of it.

    By the way I have watched the episode a few more times and I am enjoying it more and more every time I do.

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