Greek Finale reviews

Greek got more print time for their series finale then they ever got for the run of the series so I decided to collect the articles and put them in one place.

Exclusive Greek Post Mortem: The Show Is Over, But There’s Still More to See!
This is a very funny interview with creator Sean Smith.

Greek’ creator Patrick Sean Smith on the series finale you didn’t see and chances of a spin-off A great interview with the creator that made me cry.

Greek | “Legacy”
BP on tv.

Greek Review: “Legacy”

‘Greek’ Series Finale on ABC Family – Cappie and Casey Forever Opinion piece from the Examiner

‘Greek’ Series Finale Review: It’s Time to Graduate Blah someone who thinks it was time to end? Crazy people in this

Greek’ series finale: Why we’ll miss the sweet-snarky-fun college dramedy I will miss Greek for some of these reasons too

Tearing Down the House on the ‘Greek’ Series Finale (VIDEO)

Who heard me yelling at the TV, COME ON CASEY! COME ON CASEY! Yep she supported the boy. About time.


Two more thanks to Ben

Review one

A few thoughts

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4 Responses to Greek Finale reviews

  1. Ben Phelps says:

    Thanks for including my review on this list! It is funny that the show got this much coverage considering how little it received before this… It deserves it, though.

    Also, a couple other reviews that are worth checking out:
    The A.V. Club
    The Fien Print on HitFix

  2. You deserved to be included. I can’t believe its over. No clue what I will watch

  3. The Examiner article you posted is mine and all I can say is thank you!!! I appreciate it.

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