Downloaded the itunes extra scene Greek finale

For those wondering what you get here it is. Not detailed because I think you should get off your duff and buy

– A new scene where Rusty is sitting in Cappie’s chair doing inventory when Beaver questions why he is sitting in Cappie’s chair. Then the neighbor girl comes to visit and does the same. We learn a few things in this scene like which KT is having a relationship with the underage neighbor.

– Remember when Casey see’s Cappie sitting at the table while the cast is trying to get into Laskers office. Well the scene where Cappie gives Casey a look after she tells Lasker he can have the KT’s removed since they will be breaking the law by trespassing is missing and instead we get to see Evan’s reaction to Cappie sitting at the table instead. I like the Casey look better but the Evan look is funny too. I LOVE having two versions of the same scene.

– After Rusty and Ashleigh hide under the desk we get another scene where Lasker parks comes down from his office and tells the people at the table (the profess, Casey and Evan) that we are done here. He asks Casey and Evan to be at KT tomorrow. The look Casey gave Cappie in the scene that we saw on TV is now shown here. Frankly this scene seems very missplaced and really makes no sense at all which is why it was probably cut. The version we saw on the original airing was edited much better. There is also two surprise people roaming by while this scene takes place. I’ll let you guess who they are.:)

You get a few extra faces during the knocking down of the KT house. Not much at all but I am pretty sure we see a few extra seconds of the extra’s.

I am almost 100% positive we get the full Casey and Cappie kiss in the scene at Doblers. (The graduation part) In the TV version it is cut off but in the extended version it goes straight through. It might only be 3 extra seconds but this Cappie and Casey fan was happy to have anything extra even if it involved a blink of the eye.

This entire scene is longer. We learn that someone bought the KT’s a house and the people that wanted Evan and Cappie to make up are going to love this scene. It isn’t very long maybe a minutes but even I smiled watching it. There was something very sweet about it and this is coming from someone that didn’t want Evan and Cappie to be friends. We also get the only extra Cappie/casey stuff that didn’t make it into the finale. It isn’t more then 5 seconds long but I am just happy it was something extra.

The last extended part of the episode involved the last goodbye scene. There is a quick show of the new KT house and Spidey is waving goodbye.

This is all off the top of my head so sorry for anything that was in the original that I might have missed:)

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