My OMG moment

I was on just looking up random lyrics for a montage I wanted to make about Cappie and Casey when I ran across this as well as many other videos of Pacey and Joey from Dawson’s Creek. I realized in the middle of this specific video what was missing from the Cappie and Casey relationship that would have truly made it never forget for me and that was a two sided love story.

Cappie loved Casey and Casey loved Cappie but the classic lines I will always remember from their time as a couple are 100% exclusively lines from the character Cappie. I don’t remember a single declaration of love coming from the character Casey. Not a single line.

Think about your favorite lines from Greek and tell me when it comes to this relationship that Cappie wasn’t the reason you wanted these two together so badly?

If Cappie never said to Casey ” I want to be with you” (after being asked where he saw himself in ten years) would you even remember that scene?

If Cappie had not said ” no one compares to you” would you remember that scene either?

In the Joey and Pacey relationship these two both just said the most adorable memorable things to each other that made them one of my favorites of all time.

Cappie and Casey will always be on that list for me but in ten years the Classic lines I am going to remember are all going to be from one character.


I was going to start a new blog but I think I just found a connection. These relationships (Cappie and Casey and Evan vs Joey, Pacey and Dawson) are perfectly parallel. Almost written by the same people. Teen age angst/ young love one in the same.

In this scene above Pacey talks about there being no ultimatum from him concerning the 3 of them is almost exactly what happened between the Cappie/Casey/Evan. Evan gave the ultimatum and Cappie never did . Just like Pacey never did but Dawson did. The true loves cared more about the love then the control freak best friend. When I finally write all the episode guides for Greek I might have a new idea. I have the perfect name picked out. Parallel Universe:)

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2 Responses to My OMG moment

  1. Lindsay says:

    Just out of curiosity, do you read any greek fanfiction? It’s really helped me get through the show ending and just wanted to give you the website for it just in case you weren’t aware of it.

  2. Thanks for the link Lindsay. I have not read any fan fiction but I will.

    The Pacey and Joey stuff I haven’t watched in ten years is what is keeping me occupied lately. That and the episode guides for Greek that I am working on.

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