Lockerz. Guest Starring Jake Mcdorman.

The video can be seen at this link.

Someone named Kennedy sent me the above link on the about me page of my blog. Here is what she wrote.


Jake McDorman (“Greek”) and Arielle Kebbel (“The Uninvited”) guest star in the latest episode of Lockerz’ original comedy Web series, “Marcy” – a mockumentary centered around the character of aspiring stuntwoman Marcy Delgado. In this episode, Marcy works with an eccentric photographer and gets a first glance at the seedy underbelly of the entertainment industry.

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2 Responses to Lockerz. Guest Starring Jake Mcdorman.

  1. DMPP says:

    Ths web serious is of the wall hillarious I can’t get enough!!!

  2. They seem to make quite a few episodes. It’s nice to see so many Greek stars in them:)

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