About this blog

Just a blog about the best TV show on TV (for now. It is being cancelled) but that won’t stop me from analyzing every Cappie and Casey moment there has ever been.


Mostly the blog will be about my new obsession Cappie and Casey but I will be providing some other comments about the show in weekly updates of new episodes as long as I have internet access. Then I will periodically be making other updates about past shows mostly having to do with Cappie and Casey and how Casey drives me nuts. I LOVE Spencer Grammer but Casey Cartwright is a whole other story sometimes:)


7 Responses to About this blog

  1. Kennedy says:

    Jake McDorman (“Greek”) and Arielle Kebbel (“The Uninvited”) guest star in the latest episode of Lockerz’ original comedy Web series, “Marcy” – a mockumentary centered around the character of aspiring stuntwoman Marcy Delgado. In this episode, Marcy works with an eccentric photographer and gets a first glance at the seedy underbelly of the entertainment industry.

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  2. Thanks Kennedy. I will post your info in a blog.:)

  3. Cj Linds says:

    Basically, I love the show Greek with a passion, it’s my favorite show. I re-watch the entire series about once or twice every few months – it’s a bit of a problem lol. I’ll stay up untill 6 a.m. watching it on ABCFamily.com Well …. just wanted to say I love the blog and thanks so much for keeping me up-to-date on the characters of the show<3

  4. Thanks for the comments CJ. I miss it too

  5. Nick camps says:

    You are obviously a big greek fan and want more of it right. so wat im thinking is that we make something like a online petition to make a cappie and cassie spinoff and then we send it to abc family or the creators they cant say no if we get alot of names. Please tell me wat you think and long live greek.

  6. Cassie says:

    Jacob Zachar (Rusty Cartwright) will appear at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Friday April 27! Check out this link for more info 🙂

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