Scott Michael Foster on Californication

The Scott stuff starts at 22.15

Here is the link. They bleep out the bad words and nudity.

We have showtime in my house so I hope this link is available to everyone

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Scott Michael Foster interview for Californication

Starting at 2.17. It’s not very long but you learn a little about his character on the show:)

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No season 4 of Greek

This is what we would have gotten for a Cappie and Casey ending if there was no 4th season of Greek. I think I might have been a little mad if this was all we got. The 4th season had it’s ups and downs but it was something.

What do you think?

I love the fact that Rebecca ended up with Beaver. I also like the fact that Evan ended up with someone new.

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A review on the TV Show Greek

I got a tweet from someone that created a review on the TV show greek. We barely get any news anymore so I thought I would post this to let everyone know this blog is still alive:)

Click here for the review:)

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Scott Michael Foster on Friends with benefits TONIGHT

It’s Friday night and Scott Michael Fosters episode of Friends with Benefits will be on NBC.

There are actually two episodes on tonight (8-8-30 / 8.30-9 eastern time)
Not sure which one has Scott is in so I taped them both:)

Thanks to Scotts father for reminding me when I signed into twitter:0 I had totally forgotten:)

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Scott michael Foster gets new TV show

He will be guest starring on a new TV show called, The River

If it goes well he has the option of being a series regular.

Scott is sure making the rounds on TV lately isn’t he:)

In news not related to Greek, another tv favorite of mine Jason Dohring has been cast on the new TV show Ringer. I am not a big Sarah Michelle Geller fan but I will tune in anyway.

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Amber and Scott on TV tonight and Friday

NBC is airing Friends with Benefits on Friday nights. Amber’s episode airs this Friday. August 26th

TONIGHT, Scott Michale Foster will be on Melissa and Joey. 8 pm I believe eastern time.

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