The Official word on a Greek spinoff

The words most often used to search this blog ( lately anyway) have mostly started with the words Cappie and Casey spin off or Greek spin off so that got me thinking. Why not send the creator of Greek an e-mail and ask him for an official answer. So that is what I did. Sadly for us Greek fans this is the answer I got.

Sadly and officially there are no plans nor discussions currently about continuing GREEK in it’s current form or any type of spin-off. Sorry for the bummer news, but I sincerely appreciate your support and love for the show. Long live, KT!


Thanks for answering me and the fans Sean:)

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7 Responses to The Official word on a Greek spinoff

  1. Charlie says:

    That just sucks! I really really liked this show, and would’ve loved for a spin-off! There where definitely so many directions they could’ve gone with. But, alas, it’s not up to us.

    Thanks for finding this out! Take it that up until today you haven’t heard otherwise?!


  2. I was hoping Charlie but he answered my e-mail and told me nothing was in theworks.
    I’ll keep you posted if anyone changes their minds:)

  3. Fantasia says:

    Please keep me posted as well. Watching this show four seasons I laugh and some thinks made me think. I really was sad seeing it end.

  4. Nick camps says:

    You are obviously a big greek fan and want more of it right. so wat im thinking is that we make something like a online petition to make a cappie and cassie spinoff and then we send it to abc family or the creators they cant say no if we get alot of names. Please tell me wat you think and long live greek.

  5. Nick says:

    Please ask again
    This show means a lot to me

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